Wednesday, May 27, 2009

We got the crib!

We picked our crib this weekend! Yay! We have been looking for awhile to get an idea of what we wanted and since we finally know what we are having we went to actually make the purchase! As most of you know it's so hard to decide when there are endless choices out there. We ended up getting the crib from Bergstroms. For some reason I got it stuck in my head that I wanted a solid back. I just really like the way they look. So this is the one we went with, minus the bedding inside of course! It's the same dark cherry wood finish shown in the picture too.
It turns into a toddler bed and then also into a full size bed with a head and foot board! So the plan is to use it for awhile I guess! I hope she makes it last!

So far this bedding is our #1 pick. We bought this back before we even knew we were having a girl. We have seriously looked everywhere since then and this is still our #1 pick. It comes with a light pink bedshirt and fitted sheet with tiny white dots. It also comes with a reversable blanket that has light pink ground with white dots on one side and a light pink ground with white stripes on the other. I like that it's not too "baby"-ish but still has the feminie shabby chic touch to it! So hopefully we can do a whole room from this design! I've already got a million ideas!

Next step is all her furniture. We looked again at having some of it made from the OC swap meet. We met two great vendors but we think we will continue to look other places as well before we deicide! Either way it's been really fun shopping for it all!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Her first dress!

So as soon as I found out we were having a girl I wanted to shop. Not surprising! But then I started to think about it and I didn't really know what I would buy? Onsies? A Dress? Shoes? We had plenty of time right!? We still needed to figure out the crib and furniture first anyways, long before her wardrobe was concerned!? But of course the shopping urge was still there!
Today I went to Target on my lunch to get milk, my new obsession every day now. Although I was pretty obsessed with it before pregnacy too! Anyways, I stopped by the maternity clothes section to see if they had anything new. Not much. So I moved on! I thought, I'll just cruise by the baby section and see if anything pops out. All the typical stuff was there but then I turned and saw a new section! It was a whole rack of the Dwell brand (I'm seeing a trend here) baby girl clothes! Guess what the common color was among them!? PURPLE! Not just any purple, but a pretty, deep, rich purple! I had to restrain myself from going crazy! I only bought her one dress! I was so proud! So she offically has her first dress and it's purple!! So I guess I can direct my purple obsession with her wardrobe and stop obsessing about it as a room color! I loved that the bloomers matched the purple ribbon across the front too! Just too cute!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Emma's Pink Tutu!

Here is the latest picture of Emma that Kelly sent me. Kelly put her in the tutu I made for her yesterday! Based on her big smile, I think my niece likes it! She is also wearing her little baby purple leg warmers! I love the new leg warmer trend for babies! So cute! This gets me so excited to have a little girl. I can't wait for all the headbands and dresses! Bring them on!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Purple and Pink Surprise!

When I got home from work yesterday, this arrangement was on the table. Steve had wanted to get me something for Mother's day but wanted it to be gender specific. So he waited until we knew what we were having. He knows that I'm trying to steer away from too much pink so he got me purple flowers too! I do prefer purple over pink anyday but I realize how many things for girls are just pink! Which always ends up being cute too! So it's going to be hard. Plus the room might end up having some pink in it too! It seems so hard to avoid with a girl! Well have to see what I can find though!
He also got some cookies I had a craving for one night. They are the super cheap kind that you find at the grocery store. No idea why I wanted those since I've never had them before! I'll blame the baby for that one! I think we will finally start our registry tonight too at BRU! We plan on going to see the "baby fabric man" at the OC Swap meet this weekend too to see if we can find some custom bedding that we might like. I hear he is great and can do anything you want. I'll just see if the fabrics are what I'm thinking. We actually already did buy some girl bedding through Target online that was on sale for super cheap. It's one of the DWELL studio designs that is Pink, Red and a soft Lime color. I could make a whole room out of that too but just want to keep the options opened! The other color combo I'm exploring is lavender and red! I know it might sound weird but if I find the right fabrics it could look really pretty! So many options with a girl it's endless! But it will be fun to narrow it down!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

"SHE is going to be a handful"

So our BIG ultrasound was yesterday! Usually we walk right in and see the doctor immediately. But of course the time since we were the most anxious, we had to wait and wait and wait! So Steve started taking picture's of us waiting!
When the doctor finally came in she got right down to the fun stuff! She started looking at all the parts and making sure everything was where it was suppose to be! Then she said, "Are you SUUUREEE you want to know what you are having!?" a few times! Trying to build the suspense I guess! Then she looked at Steve and said, "SHE is going to be a handful, she is moving all over the place!" Steve said, "Did you just say SHE?" She confirmed, yep "It's a GIRL!" We were really surprised and I had to shed a few tears. Then she went around to make sure all the organs were ok and in the right place. We saw all 4 chambers of her heart perfectly well and everything looked great. All 10 fingers and toes were counted too! Her head is the right shape and size and so was her eyes, and mouth! Her little legs were crossed at her ankles and her feet were pointed! The doctor said, "Oh look a dancer, those are expensive!" But that comment made me tear up even more! I'd LOVE for her to be a dancer of course! So all in all it was amazing to see our healthy, actively moving, daughter! Wow we have a daughter!
Next appt is the dreaded gluctose testing! Let's hope I pass!

Steve said this was "Our first Family Photo". That cracked the doctor up! She was nice enough to take a photo in the middle of the whole thing! We love our doctor!

And the ultrasound shots...

The money shot apparently! Her little butt and legs. She will love this picture some day! Heehee!
Token profile shot..
Head, tummy and you can also see her hand next to her head..sorta looking over the top of her..
Her legs crossed at her ankles! She is all snug in there!
Steve calling all his friends to find out what to do about having a girl! He is already planning the speech for her wedding! Sigh...tear!
Since Steve's mom is so close tp us she got an "in person" reveal! We stopped at the closest store, being CVS, for something PINK! We found a bib that said, "Thanks heaven for little girls" and a pacifier that said, "Daddies little girl" on it! So we put them in an orange bag so we didn't spoil the surprise and gave it to her! She was so excited she cried!

Monday, May 11, 2009

20 weeks!

We are offically half way there! 20 weeks yesterday! Woohoo! I had thought I felt the baby moving back at 16 wks and now I know I was right. It was the baby! It's been moving so much more now though. Especially after I eat. It still feels mostly like a butterfly in there and is only on my lower left side. No kicks yet but I hear that will come soon enough. I'm feeling really good too other than aches and pains from the growing belly. We can't wait for our Anatomy scan dr's appt on Wednesday where we will also (if the baby wants to show us) find out the sex too! We will let everyone know as soon as we do!

Mother's Day weekend

We celebrated Mother's day with my mom on Saturday afternoon. We went to Yardhouse in Long Beach where we met Kelly, Ryan and Emma. We had a really good time and actually didn't want to leave! Or maybe that was just me!?
Kelly gave..or Emma gave, mom a picture of herself during one of her first smiles! Mom loved it of course!
Everyone makes fun of me for keeping my pinkies out when I do stuff. So when I saw Emma was doing it too, Steve had to take a picture! Ha!
Passed out in a milk coma! By the way, that sweater she is wearing was Kelly's when she was a baby. My grandma Jane knited a white one for my mom when she found out she was pregnant. But then when she found out it was twin girls she knitted another one that was pink. So special that Emma gets to wear it now. Happy Mother's day everyone!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Shannon's Baby Shower

Another update-adding a picture of all the prego's at Shannon's Shower! Tanya, Dana, Jean, me, Shannon and Summer in order of due date!
Updated with a new picture sent by Missy's husband, Mark. Jennifer, Missy, Shannon and I!

We had Shannon's shower on Saturday! Missy, Jennifer and I hosted it for her. We had it at Missy's house and I think it came out really nice. We went with a chocolate, pink and butterfly theme.

We decorated the trees with baby shoes, pacifiers and bows that Shannon could take with her!

Of course we had to have pink 7-up with rasberries! So gamma phi!

I made the favors that had mini chocolate chip cookies and peanut M&M's in them!

Here is Janice, Tanya, Summer, Dana and Jean! 4 out of the 5 of them is pregnant! HA!

The guest of honor, Shannon!

The cupcakes were yummy! Although I didn't get one..:-(

I didn't get too many pictures in since we were running around hosting most of the time. They did take a picture of all the pregnant girls that I hope to get from someone else and I will update it when I do! Tanya revealed that she was pregnant that day as well when she walked up to take the "pregnant girl" picture with us! It was a really cute way to tell everyone! So now we have a Nov. baby too! So exciting!

Nicolas' 4th Birthday Party

We celebrated Nicolas' 4th birthday on Saturday night. Even though his real birthday is May 6th! During the morning he got to have breakfast with Mickey and the characters at Disneyland! So fun! Then that night we all got together to celebrate with a Pirate themed party and mexican food!
Nicolas eating at the kids table with his friends!

I took this picture of the cake upside down. So it looks sorta weird. But it was a really cute cake and all the kids wanted the center..of course! Ha!
Nicolas with his mom, Robin, before blowing out his candles!
Nicolas was so patient with his presents. He waited for everyone to come in before he started!

Then he ripped into them! The handy mandy gift someone got him was a huge hit with every kid there! Happy Birthday Nicolas!