Monday, May 11, 2009

20 weeks!

We are offically half way there! 20 weeks yesterday! Woohoo! I had thought I felt the baby moving back at 16 wks and now I know I was right. It was the baby! It's been moving so much more now though. Especially after I eat. It still feels mostly like a butterfly in there and is only on my lower left side. No kicks yet but I hear that will come soon enough. I'm feeling really good too other than aches and pains from the growing belly. We can't wait for our Anatomy scan dr's appt on Wednesday where we will also (if the baby wants to show us) find out the sex too! We will let everyone know as soon as we do!

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Jen and Brian Tees said...

You're looking great!!! Love the big smile too:) Good luck tomorrow...can't wait to hear the news. xo