Thursday, May 21, 2009

Her first dress!

So as soon as I found out we were having a girl I wanted to shop. Not surprising! But then I started to think about it and I didn't really know what I would buy? Onsies? A Dress? Shoes? We had plenty of time right!? We still needed to figure out the crib and furniture first anyways, long before her wardrobe was concerned!? But of course the shopping urge was still there!
Today I went to Target on my lunch to get milk, my new obsession every day now. Although I was pretty obsessed with it before pregnacy too! Anyways, I stopped by the maternity clothes section to see if they had anything new. Not much. So I moved on! I thought, I'll just cruise by the baby section and see if anything pops out. All the typical stuff was there but then I turned and saw a new section! It was a whole rack of the Dwell brand (I'm seeing a trend here) baby girl clothes! Guess what the common color was among them!? PURPLE! Not just any purple, but a pretty, deep, rich purple! I had to restrain myself from going crazy! I only bought her one dress! I was so proud! So she offically has her first dress and it's purple!! So I guess I can direct my purple obsession with her wardrobe and stop obsessing about it as a room color! I loved that the bloomers matched the purple ribbon across the front too! Just too cute!


kelly and ryan said...

ahhhhhhhhh i love her first dress! sorry i couldn't chat more today, i actually "worked" today. i will not do that again lady!

Aunt Cherie said...

Too cute!! And the writing style was great as well. I felt like I was reading a really great book. So happy for you and aunt cherie

aunt cherie said...

wow i feel like 'jane' bond-:)...aunt cherie