Monday, May 4, 2009

Shannon's Baby Shower

Another update-adding a picture of all the prego's at Shannon's Shower! Tanya, Dana, Jean, me, Shannon and Summer in order of due date!
Updated with a new picture sent by Missy's husband, Mark. Jennifer, Missy, Shannon and I!

We had Shannon's shower on Saturday! Missy, Jennifer and I hosted it for her. We had it at Missy's house and I think it came out really nice. We went with a chocolate, pink and butterfly theme.

We decorated the trees with baby shoes, pacifiers and bows that Shannon could take with her!

Of course we had to have pink 7-up with rasberries! So gamma phi!

I made the favors that had mini chocolate chip cookies and peanut M&M's in them!

Here is Janice, Tanya, Summer, Dana and Jean! 4 out of the 5 of them is pregnant! HA!

The guest of honor, Shannon!

The cupcakes were yummy! Although I didn't get one..:-(

I didn't get too many pictures in since we were running around hosting most of the time. They did take a picture of all the pregnant girls that I hope to get from someone else and I will update it when I do! Tanya revealed that she was pregnant that day as well when she walked up to take the "pregnant girl" picture with us! It was a really cute way to tell everyone! So now we have a Nov. baby too! So exciting!

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