Wednesday, May 27, 2009

We got the crib!

We picked our crib this weekend! Yay! We have been looking for awhile to get an idea of what we wanted and since we finally know what we are having we went to actually make the purchase! As most of you know it's so hard to decide when there are endless choices out there. We ended up getting the crib from Bergstroms. For some reason I got it stuck in my head that I wanted a solid back. I just really like the way they look. So this is the one we went with, minus the bedding inside of course! It's the same dark cherry wood finish shown in the picture too.
It turns into a toddler bed and then also into a full size bed with a head and foot board! So the plan is to use it for awhile I guess! I hope she makes it last!

So far this bedding is our #1 pick. We bought this back before we even knew we were having a girl. We have seriously looked everywhere since then and this is still our #1 pick. It comes with a light pink bedshirt and fitted sheet with tiny white dots. It also comes with a reversable blanket that has light pink ground with white dots on one side and a light pink ground with white stripes on the other. I like that it's not too "baby"-ish but still has the feminie shabby chic touch to it! So hopefully we can do a whole room from this design! I've already got a million ideas!

Next step is all her furniture. We looked again at having some of it made from the OC swap meet. We met two great vendors but we think we will continue to look other places as well before we deicide! Either way it's been really fun shopping for it all!

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kelly and ryan said...

super cute lady! can't wait to see the room all set up!