Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day weekend

We celebrated Mother's day with my mom on Saturday afternoon. We went to Yardhouse in Long Beach where we met Kelly, Ryan and Emma. We had a really good time and actually didn't want to leave! Or maybe that was just me!?
Kelly gave..or Emma gave, mom a picture of herself during one of her first smiles! Mom loved it of course!
Everyone makes fun of me for keeping my pinkies out when I do stuff. So when I saw Emma was doing it too, Steve had to take a picture! Ha!
Passed out in a milk coma! By the way, that sweater she is wearing was Kelly's when she was a baby. My grandma Jane knited a white one for my mom when she found out she was pregnant. But then when she found out it was twin girls she knitted another one that was pink. So special that Emma gets to wear it now. Happy Mother's day everyone!

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