Friday, May 15, 2009

Purple and Pink Surprise!

When I got home from work yesterday, this arrangement was on the table. Steve had wanted to get me something for Mother's day but wanted it to be gender specific. So he waited until we knew what we were having. He knows that I'm trying to steer away from too much pink so he got me purple flowers too! I do prefer purple over pink anyday but I realize how many things for girls are just pink! Which always ends up being cute too! So it's going to be hard. Plus the room might end up having some pink in it too! It seems so hard to avoid with a girl! Well have to see what I can find though!
He also got some cookies I had a craving for one night. They are the super cheap kind that you find at the grocery store. No idea why I wanted those since I've never had them before! I'll blame the baby for that one! I think we will finally start our registry tonight too at BRU! We plan on going to see the "baby fabric man" at the OC Swap meet this weekend too to see if we can find some custom bedding that we might like. I hear he is great and can do anything you want. I'll just see if the fabrics are what I'm thinking. We actually already did buy some girl bedding through Target online that was on sale for super cheap. It's one of the DWELL studio designs that is Pink, Red and a soft Lime color. I could make a whole room out of that too but just want to keep the options opened! The other color combo I'm exploring is lavender and red! I know it might sound weird but if I find the right fabrics it could look really pretty! So many options with a girl it's endless! But it will be fun to narrow it down!

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The Abeyta Family said...

All those color combos sound great! You'll make the room beautiful for sure. Let me know how "The Baby Guy" goes! We were really happy with him and the furniture people we found at the OC Swap Meet. We're so excited for you, three! So fun!