Thursday, May 14, 2009

"SHE is going to be a handful"

So our BIG ultrasound was yesterday! Usually we walk right in and see the doctor immediately. But of course the time since we were the most anxious, we had to wait and wait and wait! So Steve started taking picture's of us waiting!
When the doctor finally came in she got right down to the fun stuff! She started looking at all the parts and making sure everything was where it was suppose to be! Then she said, "Are you SUUUREEE you want to know what you are having!?" a few times! Trying to build the suspense I guess! Then she looked at Steve and said, "SHE is going to be a handful, she is moving all over the place!" Steve said, "Did you just say SHE?" She confirmed, yep "It's a GIRL!" We were really surprised and I had to shed a few tears. Then she went around to make sure all the organs were ok and in the right place. We saw all 4 chambers of her heart perfectly well and everything looked great. All 10 fingers and toes were counted too! Her head is the right shape and size and so was her eyes, and mouth! Her little legs were crossed at her ankles and her feet were pointed! The doctor said, "Oh look a dancer, those are expensive!" But that comment made me tear up even more! I'd LOVE for her to be a dancer of course! So all in all it was amazing to see our healthy, actively moving, daughter! Wow we have a daughter!
Next appt is the dreaded gluctose testing! Let's hope I pass!

Steve said this was "Our first Family Photo". That cracked the doctor up! She was nice enough to take a photo in the middle of the whole thing! We love our doctor!

And the ultrasound shots...

The money shot apparently! Her little butt and legs. She will love this picture some day! Heehee!
Token profile shot..
Head, tummy and you can also see her hand next to her head..sorta looking over the top of her..
Her legs crossed at her ankles! She is all snug in there!
Steve calling all his friends to find out what to do about having a girl! He is already planning the speech for her wedding! Sigh...tear!
Since Steve's mom is so close tp us she got an "in person" reveal! We stopped at the closest store, being CVS, for something PINK! We found a bib that said, "Thanks heaven for little girls" and a pacifier that said, "Daddies little girl" on it! So we put them in an orange bag so we didn't spoil the surprise and gave it to her! She was so excited she cried!

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Jen and Brian Tees said...

Sooo happy for you two!! Go Team Pink. xoxo