Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Can I help you with any "last minute" things!?

OMG? Last minute...what? What minutes? I have lots and lots of minutes left! A month left starting tomorrow to be exact! I've had so many wonderful people ask me this question lately! But it really scared me! It kicked me into gear though! Whew...ok back on track! Those people asking are going to be sorry when I take them up on it when it really IS the last minute! :-)
Ha! Just kidding!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Bachelorette Weekend!

My cowboy hat for the 2nd night! The girls took me to a bar called the Stampede. Lots of serious cowboys there! Every song they line dance too...even hip hop! We were a bit lost so we mostly just people watched! My favorite thing! We got to dance a lot the night before at a lounge so that was good! I'll post more picture's when I get them from everyone else. I stopped taking picture's because there was so many camera's! We went wine tasting at 4 wineries on Sat! Started at Mount Palomar which turned out to be our favorite! Then off to South Coast, Weins and Thorton! The girls kept asking me after each winery which wine was my favorite! I caught on at the last one when Dana asked it in a very obvious way! Heehee! So I got 5 wines..all my favorite from each winery! So amazing! It was a great weekend! I'm just a little tired today and have no voice! But it was well worth it! Thank you ladies for a most amazing weekend!!! You all went over and beyond!
The girls setting up snacks and drinks for our stay!

The girls took pictures of me and put Steve's 8th grade picture over anyone else in the picture with me! Hysterical!! They decorated the whole room this way! I loved it! Thanks Jenn!

Shannon and Jennifer made me a veil of course to go with Friday night's attire! They used some of my wedding colors too! So cute! Oh and let me tell you people are so clueless! I can't tell you how many people asked if I had just gotten married!? Really...you think I got married with this veil and white dress on!? Really!? Wow! So I explained we were a bachelorette party many times! Saturday night they gave me a cowboy hate with tulle hanging off the end! Perfect! We actually ALL wore cowboy hats and some girls even wore cowboy boots!
Sat. night's dinner!!!
Kelly setting up the rest of it! Lasagna! My favorite! Thanks Kelly and Summer for running around and finding someone to accomodate our very picky needs! :-)
The girls also each did a scrapbook page for me! I couldn't believe they all did this! It was amazing and I'm so appreciate! I've lost some of those pictures over the years and it was great to have it in one photo album!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

A blog about being blogged!

My friend Jocelyn found our e-pix on our photog's website randomly! She is in the wedding design world as well! She does wedding invites too! She started a new site with a photog friend called, Wedding Chicks. Check our our feature! weddingchicks.squarespace.com

So I let our photog know and he blogged about it too! Woohoo! Check out HIS site! mnphotography.blogspot.com

So fun!! Things came full circle!!!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Invites are offically out!

Yes, that's right...wedding invites are now in the post office's hands! After walking back to my car with a very empty bag in my hand, I felt slightly sad! These little baby invites have been in my life for about 6 months! From designing them, to printing them! Adding the right ribbon...adding more at the last minute (thanks to stephen for his clever suggestion)! I've just spent so much time with them I hope their new homes treat them well! What a dork am I huh!? I'm also hoping that all 80 don't come back to me! Of course I did the typcial bridal thing and took one to the post office first to have it weighted! But I'm still paranoid! No picture's yet...I'll post them soon!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Club 33 and 45th Anniversaries!

We surprised Steve's parents, Karen and Jerry by going to Disneyland for their 45th Anniversary! First we took them wine tasting at California Adventures!

Jeff and Robin..Steve's sister and brother-in-law! Also parents of Nicolas but he stayed home for this one!

Then we took them to get their sillouette's done!

The off to the real reason we came! Club 33!! They had no idea we were going here! So they were so surprised when we told them!

Of course they had to ride the elevator! So small only two people can really fit in there! The common folks took the stairs!

Upstairs! This is the view from our table. We were right next to the elevator so we saw everyone that came in!
Steve's super excited I guess!?
Steve's duck app! We thought they looked like sliders at first! But the duck was really good! I was surprised I liked it!
My butternut squash soup! SOO good..I think I would have licked the bowl had it been exceptable!

Steve and I both got the Filet! For once I didn't get my usual chicken! Kelly would have been so proud! ;-)

We didn't even ask for this! They just brought it out! So disney!

Steve and his mom, dad and sister.

The whole family!