Monday, June 2, 2008

Club 33 and 45th Anniversaries!

We surprised Steve's parents, Karen and Jerry by going to Disneyland for their 45th Anniversary! First we took them wine tasting at California Adventures!

Jeff and Robin..Steve's sister and brother-in-law! Also parents of Nicolas but he stayed home for this one!

Then we took them to get their sillouette's done!

The off to the real reason we came! Club 33!! They had no idea we were going here! So they were so surprised when we told them!

Of course they had to ride the elevator! So small only two people can really fit in there! The common folks took the stairs!

Upstairs! This is the view from our table. We were right next to the elevator so we saw everyone that came in!
Steve's super excited I guess!?
Steve's duck app! We thought they looked like sliders at first! But the duck was really good! I was surprised I liked it!
My butternut squash soup! SOO good..I think I would have licked the bowl had it been exceptable!

Steve and I both got the Filet! For once I didn't get my usual chicken! Kelly would have been so proud! ;-)

We didn't even ask for this! They just brought it out! So disney!

Steve and his mom, dad and sister.

The whole family!

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