Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Follow up to Casen's Head-NORMAL

Follow up to Casen's ultrasound on this head came back normal!!!! The tech had told me last Wednesday as he did the test that he had not seen any fluids on the brain which was a great sign. So I was feeling OK but can relax even more than that I heard it from the doctor.

At first the tech was very surprised that they had ordered this test on Casen since he said the oldest kid he did it on was 5 months. But I told him the doctor had checked and his soft spot was still opened enough to be able to do an ultrasound and not a CT scan.

Just so glad it's normal!


Had to post this picture that Kelly took of the girls on Thanksgiving! Emma painted Jocelyn's nails. She did such a good job! I think this is such a cute photo!

Yo Gabba Gabba Live!!!

 Grandma E got the whole family tickets to see YGG Live this past weekend! It's a really postitive show that has some good lessons for younger kids! Of course Jocelyn loves the pink Foofa character the best! So she wore a Foofa shirt with her tutu! She loved the outfit and had to practice her dancing in it first before we left!

 She pretends the TV stand is her ballet barre!

 Finally at the show! We got some popcorn (Jocelyn's favorite right now) and snacks and found out seats!
 Jocelyn and Casen LOVED the 1st half! They were standing up and dancing and singing (well only Jocelyn was singing) all the songs!
 But then the intermission came! I seriously wish they didn't even have one and just ended the show 15 minutes early! All the kids around us started to cry and Jocelyn thought it was over because the lights went on! It was too confusing for the young kids.
 The 2nd half of the show wasn't as enjoyable as the 1st! Ha! Casen was pretty squirmy by that time after being kept in an aisle surrounded by people for so long! But we stuck it out and even got to see Biz rap on stage! Brought me back to high school!
All in all it was a really fun memory! Thanks Grandma E!

The Park

 I took the kids to the park this weekend while Daddy cleaned his classroom! We took a break to have a little snack!
 Casen keeps up with Jocelyn pretty well now....just a few steps behind but he for sure thinks he can do everything she does!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

 This year we went to Kelly and Ryan's house for Thanksgiving! Our good family friends Don and Sylvia came over as well! All the kids played really well together!
We were even able to do a "kids table" this year where Jack, Jocelyn and Emma sat. They lasted for a whole 10 minutes even!

 I made a turkey grape and cheese head for app's and my artichoke cheese dip with crackers!

 Casen wore his 1st time for the whole day. Although he wasn't too happy when I put it on!
 The girls had several talent shows of course!
 Hide and seek!

 Casen took a liking to an old Easter basket!
 uncle Ryan busted out this big house to color in the garage! The kids loved that and lasted about an hour with that activity!

 Then off to Emma's room to play! Dinner was almost ready!

 Our attempt at another family photo!
 Jocelyn wanted to make a scary face instead!
 So Daddy joined in!
 Baby Drew is 6 months now! He was the same weight as our turkey! 24lbs!!!!
 Grandma E and Emma kissing Drew!

 Casen loves this basketball toy!
Relaxing with Sylvia, Jocelyn, Aunt Kelly and Emma while they watched a princess movie before we left!
A great thanksgiving this year!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Jocelyn Says

Jocelyn woke up from her nap and said, "I'm SO sad because all the Pinkie's are gone and now I can't eat one! I really wanted to eat a Pinkie mommy!!"

Apparently she overheard us talking about the Hostess plant closing.....

But it IS a bit weird to think Jocelyn and Casen will never have a twinkie, ding dong, zinger....etc.! Gross or not what are pregnant women going to crave now? Hmmmm.........

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

3 year and 1 year Well Visits

 We decided to do the kids well visits together this time! It was stressful at times but nice to get them done at the same time. However, with Jocelyn being 3 she is more aware than ever before about what is about to happen. She asked us about 950 times if she was getting a shot. We told her days before that it was most likely going to happen. She sat quietly, staring at the wall in the waiting room. Putting on her bravest 3 year old face! She even put a super brave face on for the nurse and doctor through the whole visit. But then she thought she had gotten off scott free without a shot. I had to break the news to her that she was going to get a shot for sure! We told her thinking the nurse was coming right back in. But 15 of the longest minutes ever with Jocelyn crying, "I don't wanna get a shot!" over and over again she finally came back to actually GIVE Jocelyn the shot!

 Before she knew she was getting a shot....
After she knew she was getting a shot.....! Then of course it upset Casen to see Jocelyn upset so he started crying as well! OH and why is it that they practically turn the heat on in that tiny small room!? Notice mommy is wearing the sticker now...Jocelyn wanted nothing to do with it at that point!

Weight=31lbs (55 percentile)
Height=38" (65 percentile)

Weight=22lbs (45 percentile)
Height-30" (55 percentile)

However, Casen's head proved to be very big this time. We have never had that issue with him before. That can be normal for some kids but since Casen never had a big head the doctor was "concerned". She said that when babies have a big head growth jump as big as his, it can be a "read flag" for something else. I asked what that was and she said that she just wanted to be sure so she ordered an ultrasound of his head. His soft spot is still opened so they can do an ultrasound versus having to do a CT scan if it was already closed! Very thankfully for that because then he would need to be sedated!

So next Wednesday we have to go to LB Memorial Miller's Children's Hospital (Jocelyn had 2 big tests there and they are amazing) to have the ultrasound of his head! I expect for them to say all is fine and I'm glad our pedi is on top of things and ruling things out.

Around Casen's same age I had something similar so I'm pretty sure it's the same thing. Obviously it was nothing with me so hopefully we will have the same findings with Casen!
Here is a good link on the easy procedure:
I can't wait to one day tell the story of how big his brain was that the doctors needed a picture! Such our smart boy!

So strange to have to go back to that hospital after we thought we were done with all of that. But at least we know Casen is very healthy and this should just be a routine test to rule anything abnormal out!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Cousin Meet Up!

 Last night Kelly and I found out neither of us had plans on Sunday. So we met up with the kids extra early at the tot park in LB! That place is so great for small kids!

 We had to make a stop at Starbucks for birthday cake pops!

 The girls were hysterical there!

 Both 3 right now but showing 4 since that is what Emma will be in March!

 We attempted to get a cousin group photo! This is harder and harder each year!

 Casen is all done!
 Jocelyn didn't like her candy cane anymore!

 Now Drew is unhappy!

 Tried to get a Gordon family photo too!
 Emma was over just the boys!

 Found a cool blue wall that was a fun backdrop!
 Kelly was trying to get Jack to sit down!
 Close enough!

 This is Drew's new face ever since he got his two bottom teeth!

 When in doubt bust out bubbles!

So fun! Ok home for naps!!!