Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Yo Gabba Gabba Live!!!

 Grandma E got the whole family tickets to see YGG Live this past weekend! It's a really postitive show that has some good lessons for younger kids! Of course Jocelyn loves the pink Foofa character the best! So she wore a Foofa shirt with her tutu! She loved the outfit and had to practice her dancing in it first before we left!

 She pretends the TV stand is her ballet barre!

 Finally at the show! We got some popcorn (Jocelyn's favorite right now) and snacks and found out seats!
 Jocelyn and Casen LOVED the 1st half! They were standing up and dancing and singing (well only Jocelyn was singing) all the songs!
 But then the intermission came! I seriously wish they didn't even have one and just ended the show 15 minutes early! All the kids around us started to cry and Jocelyn thought it was over because the lights went on! It was too confusing for the young kids.
 The 2nd half of the show wasn't as enjoyable as the 1st! Ha! Casen was pretty squirmy by that time after being kept in an aisle surrounded by people for so long! But we stuck it out and even got to see Biz rap on stage! Brought me back to high school!
All in all it was a really fun memory! Thanks Grandma E!

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