Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

 This year we went to Kelly and Ryan's house for Thanksgiving! Our good family friends Don and Sylvia came over as well! All the kids played really well together!
We were even able to do a "kids table" this year where Jack, Jocelyn and Emma sat. They lasted for a whole 10 minutes even!

 I made a turkey grape and cheese head for app's and my artichoke cheese dip with crackers!

 Casen wore his 1st time for the whole day. Although he wasn't too happy when I put it on!
 The girls had several talent shows of course!
 Hide and seek!

 Casen took a liking to an old Easter basket!
 uncle Ryan busted out this big house to color in the garage! The kids loved that and lasted about an hour with that activity!

 Then off to Emma's room to play! Dinner was almost ready!

 Our attempt at another family photo!
 Jocelyn wanted to make a scary face instead!
 So Daddy joined in!
 Baby Drew is 6 months now! He was the same weight as our turkey! 24lbs!!!!
 Grandma E and Emma kissing Drew!

 Casen loves this basketball toy!
Relaxing with Sylvia, Jocelyn, Aunt Kelly and Emma while they watched a princess movie before we left!
A great thanksgiving this year!

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