Sunday, November 11, 2012

Cousin Meet Up!

 Last night Kelly and I found out neither of us had plans on Sunday. So we met up with the kids extra early at the tot park in LB! That place is so great for small kids!

 We had to make a stop at Starbucks for birthday cake pops!

 The girls were hysterical there!

 Both 3 right now but showing 4 since that is what Emma will be in March!

 We attempted to get a cousin group photo! This is harder and harder each year!

 Casen is all done!
 Jocelyn didn't like her candy cane anymore!

 Now Drew is unhappy!

 Tried to get a Gordon family photo too!
 Emma was over just the boys!

 Found a cool blue wall that was a fun backdrop!
 Kelly was trying to get Jack to sit down!
 Close enough!

 This is Drew's new face ever since he got his two bottom teeth!

 When in doubt bust out bubbles!

So fun! Ok home for naps!!!

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