Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sneak Peak Family Photo Session with Heidi

 This was our 4th photos session with Heidi since she has gone into business! She did Jocelyn when she was about 18 months, then Casen when he was born and then when he was 7 months! Then we met up with her again yesterday for a full family session!
We met her over in Woodbury park which is a really great location!

I was in shock with I saw that 1st photo of us ALL smiling because it felt like that was never going to happen! Heidi worked her magic once again!!
 This was the very end of our session! The lighting was so perfect at 6pm as the sun was just about to go down!
 She brought several props as I knew it would take a LONG time for Jocelyn to warm up! We were right but the apples really helped her! She eat an entire apple during the session!
This photo was supposed to be without mommy but Jocelyn wasn't feeling she wanted to stand alone so mommy stood in to make her feel more comfortable!

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