Friday, March 30, 2012

Santa Anita Horse Track

Last weekend the whole family went to a craft fair! Three of my friends from work at a booth. They were selling cake pops, organic cookies and jewelry! I wanted to go suppor them and check it out at the same time! It was located at the Santa Anita track! So we figured after the fair we would go see some horses too!

It was super rainy but didn't ruin our day at all! Jocelyn was very patient as we looked around the craft fair! I got a cool apron and onesie for Casen! We got lots of cake pops and cookies for Daddy and Jocelyn! Everyone was happy! Off to the horse track we went!

Jocelyn was mesmerized by the horses! She kept telling me how BIG they were! So we watched a few races with her! Then we went into to eat some lunch! Afterwards we walked to the stables where they keep the horses before they race! You can walk right up to the fences!

The jockey's were great with the kids. They walked their horses right up to some people and let them pet their noses! A few jockey's waved to Jocelyn as they took their horses out to race! She thought it was so fun!

She also got to use her Olivia umbrella which she thought was SO GREAT!

6 month Chair Photo

Wanted to get these up on the blog before I forgot! He is sitting SO well now!

We have another big weekend filled with activities to celebrate Easter! Can't wait to post the pictures!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Jocelyn Says

I think just about every parent likes to hear about their kids day! But generally that is usually a hard task to come by! Not much info is passed on...or at least not as much as we would like to hear! But last night I got a lot more info than I expected!

I asked Jocelyn, "How was your day!? Who did you play with today!?
She immediately said, "BRODY!"
I said, "What did you and Brody do today!?"
She thought about it and said, "Me ate! Me eat boogers!"
I said, "say what????? did you say BOOGERS!?"
She laughed and said, "YEAHHH!!!!!!!!!" and then ran off to play! Oh ok then!
I asked Lori about it this morning-laughing of course! She said, "OHH yes they all love to talk about eating boogers!"
I said, "Oh man she needs more girls here I guess!"
Lori said, "Oh no Ava eats boogers too!"
HA! Sigh........

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

4 Kids!

Kelly and Ryan celebrated their 5 year anniversary this past weekend. My mom stayed overnight with the kids. So to help her out a little I came over with Jocelyn and Casen!

Casen found a new friend....his cousin Emma! Now that Casen can sit up and hang out with the kids more Emma really took a liking too him! She brought him Foofa to play with.
She held his hand!

She even gave him her favorite stuffed animal...her Hello Kitty!
Casen really enjoyed hanging out with Emma too!
Love how she looks at him!
Meanwhile Jocelyn found some of Emma's balloons left over from her birthday!
Emma even read a WHOLE book to Casen. Casen listend to the whole thing! She pointed out shapes and colors to him! It was so adorable! Telling him, "see Casen there are two circles"!

Jocelyn and Emma of course got some coloring in too!
We looked over and Jack was putting stickers on Casen's tummy! He would say, "baby!" and "stickers"! A glimpse into how he will be with his new brother in a few months!

Jocelyn hanging out on the stairs!
Then we moved the kids to the water table where they got SOAKED of course!
They tried soaking Grandma too!
Such a fun day! Jocelyn was asleep before we even got to the freeway!

Solids for Casen

We started Casen on solids Sunday! He's had them 3 days now and he is still a little confused! He does love his highchair though! We started with rice cereal mixed with some fruit. Then we did puree bananas! He liked the bananas better but still wasn't ready to gobble it all down. We will keep trying everyday and add more and more variety to see what he likes!

He kept getting the chills and making the funniest faces! Love this stage!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Chalk Wall

On Saturday before we set out for the day I wanted to get these picture's done. I wanted to capture Jocelyn at a week away from 2 and a half and Casen at 6 months!
Jocelyn loved the dress I picked out for her! She said she was a "dancer" in it! So cute! But when it came time to take the photos she wasn't as excited! Oh well at least I got a few of her! Casen sat there patiently as I snapped away!

It popped in my head one day that I could put their age on the wall above them! I'd seem this done with how far along people are in their pregnancy and thought it would be cool to do it for the kids too!

Love those chubby cheeks!

He is such a great poser for me! I didn't place his hands there at all! He just did it himself!

Jocelyn pointing to the numbers! All done.....

Friday, March 23, 2012

Happy 6 months Casen!!!

This was Casen this morning! Dreaming away! Sometimes six months seems long but then again it seems to have flown by! Casen continues to get more and more fun! We put shoes on him the other day for daycare and he started cracking up! Not like other babies who cry when you put shoes on them...oh no..he laughs! It makes us laugh right along with him! I just love his easy going personality coming through! Although he knows what he wants when he wants it too!
He is starting to babble a lot and doing the "GA" sound now! We are trying to get a "MA" or "DA" in there soon!

Casen is still nursing too! I still have a good supply and he still enjoys it for the most part. Unless his sister is in the room and is way more interested in what she is doing! We also started him on 1 bottle of formula a day at 4 1/2 months. He is really getting good at the bottle and can hold it a little himself until he gets too tired! This weekend we will start him on rice cereal and fruit baby food. Hooray for solids! He is definitely ready now!

He is sitting up like a champ now and only falls when he wants to! He hasn't rolled over from back to front yet but he does try! Although he just spins on his back to get what he wants for now!
We will find out his weight in 2 wks! All I can say is he's a tank and gets heavier everyday!

Casen loves his toes! He started to put them in his mouth last week!!!

"look how flexible I am mommy!"

Steve has had soccer games all week! Which means mommy leaves work early to pick up the kids! I took them to the park after I picked them up yesterday! Jocelyn went down the slide all alone this time! First time she hasn't asked me to go with her!

Since Casen is 6 months today that means Jocelyn is a week away from 2 1/2! She is such a brave girl now and has a very big opinion and idea of the world!

I will hopefully be taking picture's of the kids this wknd to get them at 6 months and 2 years, 6 months! Pending the 2 year olds mood of course! Sigh.....!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Jocelyn Sings Happy Birthday to Daddy

As tradition has it, I've always gotten him an ice cream cake for his birthday! Even way back when we were dating I would get him one on his birthday! Jocelyn and Casen now join me in this traditional! It always has to be mint chocolate chip ice cream inside with chocolate cake!
This year Jocelyn helped me put all the candles on it! She did a great job!

Then she counted to 3 before we all sang to Daddy!

Jocelyn even helped Daddy blow out that one last candle!

After we gave Daddy his present (the watch) Daddy gave Jocelyn a BIG hug! I had picked up Pei Wei (one of Daddy's favorites) for dinner too! An extra special night on Daddy's birthday! Happy Birthday Daddy!

Jocelyn says

As Jocelyn ate her breakfast this morning she saw Daddy in the kitchen and said, "Daddy need to see your eyes!"
So Daddy had to come over and show Jocelyn his eyes.
He said, "see them!?"
Jocelyn said, "Yeah not red Daddy!"
HAHA! Nope they sure aren't today!

On the morning of Daddy's birthday I tried to sing Happy Birthday to him but Jocelyn said, "NO, no no....NOT READY yet!!" She said we needed a cake and candles first!
So we waited to sing to him until we had some cake and candles that night! I'll post picture's in a bit!

So Jocelyn and I went to wrap Daddy's present. I got him a watch. So I had her bring it to him to open. He was playing around and when he went to open it he said, "Wow Jocelyn what do you think it is? Do you think it's a BIKE??"
Jocelyn said, "No Daddy it's a watch!"
So much for surprising Daddy!!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Happy Birthday Stephen!

Happy Birthday Daddy! Or "STEPHEN" as Jocelyn says if Daddy doesn't answer the first time! We hope you have an amazing day and we can't wait to eat your ice cream cake with you! Hope you let us have a piece! Heehee!!

We celebrated by going on a little date night last night while my mom watched the kids! We had a nice relaxing weekend as well which we all really needed!

So a few weeks ago I set off to take some photos of the kids in GREEN for St. Patrick's day! With kids every "holiday" is fun! I found this green tie in the dollar bin at Target-so why not! Jocelyn has always been up for a photo shoot here and there so thought it would be the same. But not so much this time! She was not in the mood! When a two year old is not in the mood, not much gets done!

After she turned around I got excited thinking maybe she would smile a bit! But I got the below! Sunglasses over the eyes! Actually thought it was still pretty cute!

Casen loved the tie and ate it right up! A green WET tie is how the photo shoot ended! I did get a couple of her smiling that I will post later as well!