Friday, March 30, 2012

Santa Anita Horse Track

Last weekend the whole family went to a craft fair! Three of my friends from work at a booth. They were selling cake pops, organic cookies and jewelry! I wanted to go suppor them and check it out at the same time! It was located at the Santa Anita track! So we figured after the fair we would go see some horses too!

It was super rainy but didn't ruin our day at all! Jocelyn was very patient as we looked around the craft fair! I got a cool apron and onesie for Casen! We got lots of cake pops and cookies for Daddy and Jocelyn! Everyone was happy! Off to the horse track we went!

Jocelyn was mesmerized by the horses! She kept telling me how BIG they were! So we watched a few races with her! Then we went into to eat some lunch! Afterwards we walked to the stables where they keep the horses before they race! You can walk right up to the fences!

The jockey's were great with the kids. They walked their horses right up to some people and let them pet their noses! A few jockey's waved to Jocelyn as they took their horses out to race! She thought it was so fun!

She also got to use her Olivia umbrella which she thought was SO GREAT!

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