Thursday, March 8, 2012

Jocelyn Says

Jocelyn says SO much these days! I have to write it down fast to remember some of the funny stuff!

Last night Jocelyn wanted to go outside but it was pretty cold.
She stood at the back door looking outside! Then looked back at me and said, "Outside mommy!?"
I said, "It's pretty cold out there tonight!"
She said, "Mommy I need to see COWS!"
I was of course very curious about these cows she talked about so I pushed her on the subject!
Me: "There are cows out there??"
Jocelyn: "YEAH! They seeping!"
Me: "So you want to go see them sleep!?"
Jocelyn: "Yeah mom we will have fun!"
Sometimes she says a phase that stops me in my tracks. It's just so clear and cute and clearly something she has heard the adults around her say!

This morning as I woke her up:
Jocelyn says, "Look mom!" and points to her nose!
Me: "I don't see anything! What is it?"
Jocelyn says, "It's running!"
Me: I looked closer and could see a little trickle of clear snot about to run out! "DO you feel OK Jocelyn!?? I hope you aren't getting sick!"
Jocelyn: "YEAH me happy!"
Me: "OK THEN! Good to know!"

Oh and her "new" word is no longer "BIG" but "HUGE!" Things are now "HUGE"
She also asks if everything cost "twenty dollars!?" Or she will tell us something is "twenty dollars".
For example we got golden spoon frozen yogurt last night and she asked Steve, "twenty dollars daddy?"

In her world things also take "3 HOURS!"
For example she tells me Casen ate for "3 HOURS!!" today! Or he slept for "3 HOURS!" She always say it with BIG eyes and each of her hands to her side facing the ceiling and she waves them up and down! Could not love it MORE!

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