Thursday, March 1, 2012

Jocelyn Says!

I had just made coffee cake Sunday morning. Jocelyn looked at it and said, "Is WEIRD mommy!"
But after some convincing she had a tiny bite and said, "It GOOD in my tummy mommy! BIG!" (for big piece).

Tuesday night my Dad brought over choclate pie for dessert from Marie Calendar's! When it was time to serve it up Jocelyn was helping me in the kitchen! When I asked her if she wanted pie she made a face and said, "NOOO..." as she shook her head! But as I started to cut the pie she wanted to see it. So I lifted her up to show her the pie! Her eyes got really big and she quickly changed her mind saying, "I need big piece mommy! BIG!"
She is very into "BIG" things right now! Of course she only had a few bites and then said, "mommy eat! all done!"

The other day Jocelyn was talking about mommmy and daddy's work. So I asked her what she wanted to do when she grew up! She said, "A DRESSER!" I said, "A Dresser? What is that?" She said, "Me hairrrrr..(pulling on her hair)..Me jacket..(has she pointed to her jacket)..Me shoes...(as she pointed down to her shoes)...yeah yeah yeah (shaking her head up and down)...!" So I guess she wants to dress people or maybeb just herself?? HAHA! So love it!

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