Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Outside Play

Last week it was getting pretty warm! Steve takes the kids outside after work before I get home sometimes if the weather permits! Last week I came home to THIS FACE! Who wouldn't love that!?? Such the happy man!!

Here are more picture's from last Saturday when it was 91 degrees outside!

Notice the "3" on his diaper!? That is the size he is in now. BUT the last two days Casen has grown again-considerably! He had 3 rough nights and now we know why-a growth spurt perhaps? SO I also noticed he needs size 4 diapers! WHICH by the way are the size that Jocelyn wears! HOWEVER I just bought a big box of 3's! So he will be wearing those until they are gone! Looks like I might have more laundry to do this month! Bring on the stain remover!

Look at the baby chubs and the belly! LOVE IT!!

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