Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Jocelyn Sings Happy Birthday to Daddy

As tradition has it, I've always gotten him an ice cream cake for his birthday! Even way back when we were dating I would get him one on his birthday! Jocelyn and Casen now join me in this traditional! It always has to be mint chocolate chip ice cream inside with chocolate cake!
This year Jocelyn helped me put all the candles on it! She did a great job!

Then she counted to 3 before we all sang to Daddy!

Jocelyn even helped Daddy blow out that one last candle!

After we gave Daddy his present (the watch) Daddy gave Jocelyn a BIG hug! I had picked up Pei Wei (one of Daddy's favorites) for dinner too! An extra special night on Daddy's birthday! Happy Birthday Daddy!

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