Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Jocelyn says

As Jocelyn ate her breakfast this morning she saw Daddy in the kitchen and said, "Daddy need to see your eyes!"
So Daddy had to come over and show Jocelyn his eyes.
He said, "see them!?"
Jocelyn said, "Yeah not red Daddy!"
HAHA! Nope they sure aren't today!

On the morning of Daddy's birthday I tried to sing Happy Birthday to him but Jocelyn said, "NO, no no....NOT READY yet!!" She said we needed a cake and candles first!
So we waited to sing to him until we had some cake and candles that night! I'll post picture's in a bit!

So Jocelyn and I went to wrap Daddy's present. I got him a watch. So I had her bring it to him to open. He was playing around and when he went to open it he said, "Wow Jocelyn what do you think it is? Do you think it's a BIKE??"
Jocelyn said, "No Daddy it's a watch!"
So much for surprising Daddy!!

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