Friday, March 23, 2012

Happy 6 months Casen!!!

This was Casen this morning! Dreaming away! Sometimes six months seems long but then again it seems to have flown by! Casen continues to get more and more fun! We put shoes on him the other day for daycare and he started cracking up! Not like other babies who cry when you put shoes on them...oh no..he laughs! It makes us laugh right along with him! I just love his easy going personality coming through! Although he knows what he wants when he wants it too!
He is starting to babble a lot and doing the "GA" sound now! We are trying to get a "MA" or "DA" in there soon!

Casen is still nursing too! I still have a good supply and he still enjoys it for the most part. Unless his sister is in the room and is way more interested in what she is doing! We also started him on 1 bottle of formula a day at 4 1/2 months. He is really getting good at the bottle and can hold it a little himself until he gets too tired! This weekend we will start him on rice cereal and fruit baby food. Hooray for solids! He is definitely ready now!

He is sitting up like a champ now and only falls when he wants to! He hasn't rolled over from back to front yet but he does try! Although he just spins on his back to get what he wants for now!
We will find out his weight in 2 wks! All I can say is he's a tank and gets heavier everyday!

Casen loves his toes! He started to put them in his mouth last week!!!

"look how flexible I am mommy!"

Steve has had soccer games all week! Which means mommy leaves work early to pick up the kids! I took them to the park after I picked them up yesterday! Jocelyn went down the slide all alone this time! First time she hasn't asked me to go with her!

Since Casen is 6 months today that means Jocelyn is a week away from 2 1/2! She is such a brave girl now and has a very big opinion and idea of the world!

I will hopefully be taking picture's of the kids this wknd to get them at 6 months and 2 years, 6 months! Pending the 2 year olds mood of course! Sigh.....!

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