Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Jazz Class

 Jocelyn is so flexible. She can do the middle splits with no issues. She does them all the time all over the place. Still working on the middle splits. This is her jazz teacher stretching her!

 Practicing their dance!

 Her costume came in! This quarter she is only in 2 dances. A nice break from her 4 dances last recital!

A just because photo of her going to school this morning! Note that we still have boxes to unpack....eeekk!

Friday, May 20, 2016

2 Open Houses at 2 Different Schools

 First stop was Jocelyn's Kindergarten class! There were so many things for us to do! A scavenger hunt and scanning codes to find out kids silhouettes! So much work went into that night! Amazing!

 Jocelyn LOVES playing on these bars at school!

 I am crabby when......."I am cabe (crabby) when my mom tells me to go to bed." HA!

 Jocelyn loves doing math! But said this "hurt my brain!"

 Class photo
 Birthday calendar.
 After she learned about Henri Matisse the artist, she was drawing stuff all over the house! It was really cool to see how much she had learned from that lesson.

 Every Monday they went to the library! She loved those days!

 Finally Casen's turn! We sped off to the next school!!!
 Our little cowboy had fun showing us his work!

 Then he ate a million cookies! LOL!

 They had a photo wall with props!! Eek!

And last but not least they had Star Wars characters! Such a fun night! Jocelyn wanted a photo but was nervous so she hide in my cozy! That is our favorite preschool director Ms Tracie!!!

Monday, May 16, 2016

Duke's and Huntington Beach

 We celebrating our new house with dinner at Duke's on Sat night. We had the best view right next to the window! Then we walked on the pier and down on the sand!

 We ended up staying until almost sunset! Perfect night!

 Since we had not planned to go to the sand we had no sand toys. But someone left some behind so we played with those! Of course the kids always love to bury each other in the sand!