Tuesday, May 27, 2008

How cool is this shot!

I snapped this really quick at about 7:30om on Monday night. It's looking down our street! I thought it looked so cool how the sun was just about to slip behind the houses! Those palm trees are pefectly placed! Great end to a great 3 day weekend!

More DIY projects...

3 blogs in one day! Woohoo!
So here are my latest DIY projects for the wedding. I went to the Joann's in Cypress to check it out. Um I must say it's by far the best one I've ever entered! It's basically like a Michael's with fabric! It was fantastic and I compeletely got lost in there. I found these 7" letters that I decided to make a new project out of. I'm going to cover them with flower petals and then add a ribbon at top and hang them from somewhere at the ceremony or reception or maybe both..who knows!
Close up of the "S"....
Here is the ringbearer pillow! Too many feathers for 3 year old to carry? I think I got a little carried away! But our theme is flowers and feathers so I had to add them somewhere right!?

Side view so you can see the ribbon on the side!
I made some other stuff too but haven't taken a pix of it. I made Maddy a hair bow and got really carried away! I ended up making 7 hair bows for 2 friends that are having baby girls soon! I think I found a new addiction! :-) I'll blog about those later!

BBQing in the Rain?

Friday night we decided to BBQ! It was on the cold side but not raining. Then it started to sprinkle a bit..notice the small drops!
BUT then it started to POUR! Steve still looks happy in this pix!

But then he realized BBQing in the rain isn't so fun! I felt so bad I brought him an umbrella! Who would have thought Memorial Day weekend it would be cold and raining!?

We love FOOD!

The Salads! We picked the one on the left! The dressing was so GOOD!
The apps! All were really good...oh except the mushrooms with sausage on them! No thanks!

Oh but Steve liked them! :-)

The entrees to try!

Wash it all down with some sprite! Yum!

These are the linen colors we picked from! Steve actually came up with the color combo! Turq table cloth, turq chair covers and ivory sashes! Then the centerpieces are red flowers so that will be the accent color!

Friday, Steve and I took work off and we checked a bunch of things off our "to do" wedding list! We picked our food for the venue and linens! Then off to Rossmoor Bakery to pick the cake flavors! Of course we couldn't decided so we had to go with 3 flavors! Chocolate with Chocolate filling, Chocolate with strawberry filling and then Steve got one with Vanilla and some fancy raspberry filling! That will be our top tier that we eat in a year! Hmm hope it's still good then! Just another excuse to get more cake right if it doesn't last!?

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My Makeup Trial

I had my makeup trail on possibly the hottest day ever in May! I turned on every fan possible to get some breeze going. Isn't it suppose to be cooler at the beach? I found my makeup girl online somewhere. I honestly can't remember where! But she was WONDERFUL! So friendly and warm and best of all, I actually LIKED my makeup! Her name is Jennifer and here is her website http://www.bridesmadebeautiful.com/home Kelly even joined me for moral support. I went to her makeup trial for her wedding so she basically had to come to mine right!? I didn't want anything to crazy or dramatic! I wanted something that made me look like myself but like a few scales up! I really like the way it came out. Best of all, so does Steve!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Our New House!

Steve and I were planning on sharing my little 1 bd apt once we got married. But then 2 wks ago we were presented with the oppurtunity to lease a 4bd house in Cypress! This is the exact city we wanted to live in! We feel so blessed! Steve moved in on Sat. and I will follow after the wedding! Update pix!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Happy 3rd Birthday Nicolas!

We had a great time at your party on Saturday! Have a great birthday day!!!

Monday, May 5, 2008

You know it's Cinco de Mayo when....

When you look out your kitchen window and see the biggest Corona bottle you have ever seen on top of Panama Joe's! They must be expecting some serious partying tonight! Which means..I'm going to the gym in hopes of less people being there!