Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Happy 3rd Birthday Casen!

 Casen turned 3 today! We took him to Farrell's for dinner and ice cream! He went to school in a "I'm the Birthday Boy" shirt with a Dinosaur on a skateboard. We took blue cookies and juice to his class to celebrate today. He was so happy all day just like always! He actually really knew it was his birthday today!

Likes: Still loves Trash Trucks. Batman (currently making him a Batman big boy room), Anything with wheels, hot wheel cars, fire trucks.

Good At: Counting to 10, Giving spontanuous hugs and kisses, dancing to music, copying his sisters, playing at the park, riding his bike, being outside or going just about anywhere.

Wants: Talks about having a skateboard all the time. Wants a big boy bike

Casen is such a sweet boy and just loves life already! He gets excited about the smallest things!
We love you Casen! Happy 3rd Birthday!!