Friday, December 20, 2013

A little Bit of Randomness!

 Jocelyn's Picture Proof's! We only went with the 2nd one below.

 Laughing so hard when we saw Casen sitting like this!!

 Love when he puts his hand in ours!!

 Daddy brought home donuts from work one day. I heard something and came around the corner to this!!! He had pulled these down from the table and was picking out his favorite!

 Such the loving boy!!

 Playing in the front yard!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Mommy's Birthday and a Vacation

 Trying on some of her pumpkin dresses!
 She wanted to show off her Cinderella Jewelry Music Box from Aunt Robin!
 They decorated my desk!

 Surprise potluck for my birthday at work!

 Now off to La Jolla for some relaxation!!!

 We checked in and they gave the kids these stuffed animals! So cute!
 We love feeding the Koi Fish at the Embassy Suites!

 Letting loose!

 Ha, Casen wrapping himself after the bath!!

Night Night!!!!

Jocelyn Opening her presents on 10/2, 4th Birthday

 I am really behind so I'm trying to catch up all the way back to 10/2.....Jocelyn's 4th Birthday!
 This is what she wore to school on her 4th Birthday! This also turned out to be her photo day!

 Lalaloopsy soft doll!

 Lalaloopsy Cooler cup that she had asked me for a few times!!

 Sophia the 1st watch!!