Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Weekend Fun!

 This is how Casen gets himself to sleep! He's too funny!
 Jocelyn playing with my old barbies! So glad my mom kept them so nice!
 Outside fun!

 She is pretending to have a fever! Her Lalaloopsy unicorn doll on her-her new obsession is Lalaloopsy dolls....although she does not have one yet. She does watch their cartoon! She also said she wants to be that for Halloween already!
 Casen loves to be tucked in anywhere!
 Playing with the neighbors bat...and her dolls....love it!


 We went over to a friends house on Saturday! Jocelyn loves playing with their little girl!
 They had these cool crayon type markers that you can use on the sliding glass door!

 They also got a new water bouncer slide! Kids were loving that!
They also have a train table....so Casen was a happy man!

Sidewalk painting

 Pinterest is so fun! It gives the best ideas for kids projects! Cornstarch + food coloring + water=side walk painting the watches right off and easy to get off clothes! Win Win!


 This is where our backyard garden is now. These are two very big sunflower stalks with about 3 smaller ones next to them. Then morning glories on the ground. The morning glories have grown SO much! The sunflowers have too. They are now twice the size (literally) they were when I took this picture! They are growing so fast!

Birthday Parties

 We had a good friends son turn 4 on Friday night! They had a big party at their house! 27 kids running around like crazy people all over the place! It was a blast though!!

 Ring pop in her mouth! She discovered those that night!

Then another birthday party for another 4 year old friend! It was at Chuck y Cheese and Jocelyn is not a fan of the mouse! So when he comes out she always wants to leave! Poor girl hates the characters right now!

Angelina Ballerina

 Jocelyn was imitating Angelina Ballerina! She is now in ballet and tap at her school! Webby dance center goes there on Tuesdays and she loves it!
She also asked to do ice skating which we signed her up for this summer.
Jocelyn will start swim this summer too!


 Went to see some princesses with just Jocelyn one night!