Tuesday, June 4, 2013

La Habra Children's Museum

 2 wknds ago we went to the La Habra Children's Museum. Emma and Jack were with my mom while Kelly and Ryan were out of town for a friends 40th birthday party!
So Steve, the kids and I met my mom with the kids out in La Habra!

It is a really cute museum! The kids LOVED it! We got there right at 10am, then ate our lunch that we had packed at the playground behind the trains! We then went back in for another hour! Jack and Jocelyn could have stayed much longer. But Emma and Casen were ready to go.

Daddy went to go see Grandpa while my kids and I went up to Woodland Hills to a friends sons 2nd birthday party! Big day but lots of fun!

 Casen LOVED the grocery area with the shopping carts....loved!
 The only picture showing all 4 kids.....which by the way all run in different places!

 Daddy driving the bus!
 Kids loved it!

 Jack driving!
 Back to the grocery store!

 Pirate room!
 Casen was saying, "ROAR!" He loved the animal room! Emma and Jocelyn walked in and SCREAMED and ran out! Casen wanted to go back again and again!

Eating lunch!

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