Monday, June 3, 2013


I have a ton of photos to upload and post about but for now I wanted to put the little story on our blog.

My Grandpa Mac passed away 2 wks ago. He was 95! Thankfully we went up north to see him a year ago! He got to see the kids and we stayed with him and his wife for 2 days!

We shared with her that my Grandpa had passed away when it happened.
She asked a few questions then about Heaven and has always been very curious about it. She said she didn't want to get old because she didn't want to go to heaven just yet. She said she wanted to stay with me! I said she didn't have to worry about that and that was that. She never brought it up again.

Then, just yesterday on an afternoon walk Jocelyn said:
Jocelyn: "Mommy when is Grandpa coming back?"
Me: "Back? From where, Heaven?"
Jocelyn: "Yeah is he STILL in Heaven??"
Me: (hestiating to make sure I found the right words for her..."Oh no sweetie he is going to be in Heaven forever! It's an amazing place!"
Jocelyn: "Wow mommy that is a LONG must MISS HIM so MUCH! Let's pray!"
and then she proceeded to pray for my Grandpa. But she said the prayer they say at school before they eat....
It was very soft and sweet and I hear it coming to and end as she says, "in jesus name we pray...." but then she shot her opened palm in the air and looked up to the heavens and said, "MAHOLO JESUS!"
I about tripped myself! That was not what I expected to hear her end with!
My girl just cracks me up sometimes!!!!

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