Friday, July 30, 2010

2nd Anniversary Vacation

Time to pack!! Jocelyn was a big help...ok actually not really...everytime I'd put two things in her suitcase, she'd take one out! That was a long process!
"OK Mom I'm ready for this vacation thing!"

We stayed at the Embassy Suites! We did this once before when Jocelyn was 3 months. It worked out so well since they have two rooms. So we decided this is where we always want to stay when we come up with her..or actually any city we stay withher! Makes it much easier! PLUS they have free warm breakfast and freee happy hours!

First stop was Los Olivos Cafe! Our favorite lunchtime treat there! No, we didn't not finish either pizza...or come close!

Steve got Foie gras ice cream! He said it was good...but a bit gamey! I had a tiny bite but it tasted very earthy!

Jocelyn was so well behaved! She loved eating our crust!

Of course the hotel had a pool too. But it was just a little too cold to go all the way in! It was about 85 in Santa Ynez. But our hotel was closer to the ocean so it made it cooler!

We went to a highly recomended Italian resturant for lunch one day called Trattoria Grappolo's! It's not a cheap little Italian place. They have AMAZING food! We went for lunch so we didnt ruin anyone's nice dinner since we had Jocelyn! Lunch was just as amazing and we got to sit outside and make a big mess! Jocelyn got her first taste of spaghetti! It was a big hit!

We started getting these squeeze fruit and veggie bags. She loves them becasue she can hold it herself and just suck it up! She carries them around the house all the time now. But do NOT try and take it away! Yikes! She had a full on meltdown when we had to take it away before she went to bed last night! HA!

It was pretty warm so Steve and I got some gelato! I got the lemon ice one! It came in a carved out lemon! The lemon was frozen too! So I gave it to Jocelyn after it was gone. She loved it!

The drive was so pretty!

Buttonwood also now has a Peach farm. They sell very yummy white and yellow peaches! So we got some of those! We heard they had some animals on the property too. So we went to see them. They had this sad looking horse. Poor Mr. Horse was behind that cage! But it was Jocelyn's first time seeing a real horse. She wasn't sure what to make of him..

Then we saw a few momma pigs and their babies! They were SUPER dirty and noisy pigs. Jocelyn LOVED them though!

In Los Olivos there is a new (about a year and half now) wine tasting room called Saarloos Brothers. They also have Enjoy Cupcake off to the side of the tasting room. They do flights of cupcakes paired with their wines. Oh my, it was yummy! It's perfect to split with one person!

Each cupcake has something special inside too!

The decor in this wine room was ADORABLE! So I had to take advantage for a mini photo shoot!

Mattei's where we got engaged. We of course had to show Jocelyn that! If you look closely, that is her on the ground.

Jocelyn discoved flowers are yucky!

Yep, still yucky!

We exhausted her! Naptime!!

Then we were off to Zaca Mesa. They have this cool chess set! People actually play it too! Thought it might be a fun photo op!

We took picture's at Fess Parkers vineyards. However, they did not welcome Jocelyn at all once we went into their winery. Steve and I both walked up to the counter (Steve holding Jocelyn) and asked for one tasting. The guy put the money in his register and turns around to tell us we can't have Jocelyn within 10 ft of the counter. Nevermind that we had already been to about 3 wineries in the area that didn't tell us this. Nevermind that we had actually been to that SAME winery when she was 3 months and no one mentioned that. AND nevermind that you took our money before you told us! That was the part that really annoyed me! However, we did not let it ruin our day and just moved on to our next adventure!

Off to the playground we went!!! This playground is more like a castle playground! They section it off in age groups too! So then you don't have the big kids running over the little ones! It's located right up the street from Solvang's main street! We didn't stay too long. But definitely had to check out the swings!

We stopped by the old truck (that we are shocked is still there) that we had our engagement photos at AND our pregnancy picture's done at. Kind of cool to see the progress of our little family!

We then found this cool row of trees on our way back to our hotel! It could have been a cool place for a picnic if it wasn't on someones farm! Not sure you could just plop down and stay for awhile! But we took a couple quick picture's!

Steve and I thought this picture made it look like Jocelyn was walking! So funny! However she just started scooting forward on Saturday night!