Friday, July 2, 2010

9 Months Old Today!

Jocelyn Jane Ione is 9 months old today! I will take her "9 month picture's" this weekend and post them. But for now I'm just attaching a picture from my phone.

Weight: 14lbs, 2.5oz (yes, the .5 definitely counts)
Height: Didn't measure
Head: Didn't measure

New Skills:
Rolling, Rolling and Rolling some more! She rolls everywhere and don't get in her way because she is FAST! Who needs crawling when you can roll everywhere?

Dancing! She loves music and ANY type of music makes her "dance"! By this I mean, sitting up and bobbing her torso up and down and looking at Steve and I with a BIG grin like, "hey mommy and daddy can you see me dancing?" It's pretty stinkin cute!

Waving! It's not a full wave yet but when we say, "say hi" or "say bye bye" she throws her arm into the air and shakes it up and down very fast leaving her elbow and wrist locked in place. Her hand is usually in a fist when she does this too. Sometimes she will open and close her hands too but her fingers are facing her! We have since discovered her best friend Brody waves this way so maybe that is where she picked it up from!

Talking! Jocelyn now says "mamamamama babababaabaa" only if she wakes in the middle of the night though! It's so cute and totally melts my heart. But she doesn't just look at me and say, "mama" yet. She does sometimes call Steve, "DA"! Very demandingly! Other than that she is just testing her voice and seeing how loud it can get.

We just had her latest weight check doctors appt on Wednesday. We've been going literally every month or more since she was born to do this. It's getting rather old I guess.

However, the latest one they have decided that if they are still not happy with her weight next month, they want to draw blood and do labs. We really hope it doesn't come down to this!

So again, we are trying to get her to fatten up! She eats a ton and drinks a ton. We don't know where it's going? But I honestly just think the RSV and Reflux has been hard on her tiny body. She will catch up someday. But she is happy and learning new skills everyday. So I'm not worried!

But now that she is getting more and more mobile the doctor mentioned she could be burning more calories. So definitely something to think about with the new weight check! Although it's not like you can make her sit still either though.

I have stopped breastfeeding (last day was June 24th). We slowly weened for a month so the transition would be easier for Jocelyn (and me-sniff sniff). No reason to make it a dramatic experience for her! But it was time and Jocelyn is so very busy that it was getting very hard to get her to focus. She is very much a "snack" eater! The only time that she "asks" for it is if she wakes in the middle of the night. She will tug on my shirt. But if I give her a bottle instead she is fine with that and doesn't fuss. But I have to say I never thought I'd breastfeed for 9 months! I'm pretty proud of that!

Since I stopped breastfeeding she is now sleeping through the night. She does occasically still wake up but it's more spread out now.

It's still hard to get her to take a whole bottle in one sitting! So if she wants to play or look around we will let her do that for a few minutes and then give her the bottle again. So I feel like I constantly have a bottle in my hand ready to feed her if she is willing!

Also, because of her reflux, it's better to break up the feedings and let her digest some of the milk/food before we give her more. This helps the "big spit ups" a little. There is nothing more frustrating when she takes 2oz and then spits it all back up again!

She is starting to get solids at daycare as well now too! They buy them for us which is SO nice! We just tell them what she has already had and they give her those things. Then as we introduce more foods at home, we can continue to let them know.

Happy 9 months baby girl! We love you!

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