Monday, August 29, 2016

Jocelyn's 2yr Dance Trophy

 Jocelyn got her 2 yrs at Strong Dance Studio award this weekend. Every summer they do a summer picinc where every girl gets a trophy for the amount of years she's been at the studio! This is Jocelyn's 2nd trophy! In Decemeber she will be in her 3rd Nutcracker Show!

Friday, August 26, 2016

Weekday Fun!

 The night we got home from Vegas we made pizza with the kids! They love doing this!
 I love hearing about Jocelyn's day after dance class! She has the best stories about what happened!
 I signed up for "chatbooks" and started printing my IG pictures! So fun to see the kids when they were little.....still eating ice cream!
 This popped up in my FB Memories this week! Love that it's still Daddy's same classroom! He was so little!
 Just hanging out after school!!
I think her favorite part of the mornings is picking her outfits and shoes!! Love it!


 Last weekend we went to Vegas to see the Gwen Stefani concert. We were so nervous the Cajon Pass would still be closed from the fires. But it opened just in time for us to drive through! So thankful! Amazing how much burned though!

 Then Steve wanted to check out the new art instillation in the dessert!

 It has it's own parking lot and all. I was surprised how packed it was on a Friday morning!

 Now at the hotel and time to relax!!!
 I alwas forget a "going out purse" when we go to Vegas. So I had to buy a cheesy one in the gift shop! LOL!
 The concert was at the new T-Mobile Arena. It is so pretty well done. The shops and restaurants around it are great!

 We met us with Natalie and Steve to see the concert and then went out for drinks afterwards! So good to see them!
 Saturday was a pool day at the MGM lazy river pool! Love that pool!
 Time for a fancy dinner at our favorite place....Fiamma at the MGM. Their food is the best!!
 Of course we had to buy out the entire Hershey Store for the kids! So much fun in that store!!
Then back home to the kiddos! Bye bye Vegas....until next time!

Angel's Game

 One of Steve's teacher friends had 2 extra tickets to the Angel Game. So he asked Jocelyn and Steve to go with him and his daughter! They had a blast! Plus it was Hello Kitty Night! The girls loved that part the most I think!

 Jocelyn, Charlotte and Johnny!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Weekend Fun!

 Jocelyn has been asking for "curly" hair lately! She is getting use to her 1st grade year now and loving going to school again. Still some stomach issues but each day is getting better.

Friday I finished up her gingerbread room! She's been asking me to decorate her room in a Candyland Theme for awhile now!

 I had too much fun at Hobby Lobby!
 I found those candy cane letter cut-outs on Amazon and then spray painted wood blocks, pink. Then just glued the cut-outs to the wood blocks!

 Saturday night we went to Disneyland!

 Jocelyn wasn't feeling 100% so we kept it mello!

 Only Casen and I went to church so that Jocelyn could rest. Took her to see the puppies at the mall. She loves doing that!

 Awesome weekend!
Can you tell they want a dog really badly! They took their toy dog to the park! HA!