Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Weekend Fun!

 We went to the park on Thursday night!

 Friday Jocelyn went up to see Emma perform at her latest play!
 Emma of course rocked it!!!
 Jocelyn started the Nutcracker Practice friday night. She's part of the opening scene...the Party Scene!

 Opening Olympic Ceremonies! Jocelyn is the same age I was when the 1984 Olympics came out. I remember them so well. We've been watching every night since.

 Dancing to the music!

 Jocelyn has been asking for a Candyland themed room! We started it this weekend! More to go but it's a good start!

 Jocelyn was invited to one of her school friends birthday parties, Cash! She had a blast going up and down this slide with her friends!

 Reptile party!

 Saturday night my sister and I went and saw, "Bad Moms!" It was hilarious! We made a night of it and stayed at a hotel! Woohoo!
 Sunday Funday! We did "water play" in the backyard mostly! The kids love doing that!

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