Wednesday, August 10, 2016

First Day of School for Everyone!

 First day of Preschool with Miss Paulette! Casen is going to learn so much this year! Jocelyn had Miss Paulette too!
 First day of 1st Grade with Mrs. Raab! Jocelyn was of course nervous but she started to calm down in line as she saw all her friends from Kindergarten!
 Even Daddy had a fun first day! First day of his 20th Year Teaching!!!

 All the first people together now!! :-)
 She picked out her backpack and lunch box! Loved watching the kids show each other their backpacks at school in line!
 It was her idea to take the photo with her backpack!
 Annabelle and Cash are in her class again!! She was so happy!
 Walking to class. She shooed me away! Ok mom leave now!! :-)
One more smile before she goes in!

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