Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Adding my friends link! My friend, Marivel has her own clothing line. She has since started doing baby clothes as well. She asked if Steve and I would be OK with Jocelyn modeling for her since she didn't know any other babies currently that could help her out. She gave me some clothes and I took picture's of her in them this past weekend! Jocelyn get's paid in bibs and onsies! Can't beat that!

I think they came out really cute! Once her website it up, I will post the link! She is going to feature my headbands on her site too! Woohoo!

This one could be a for a boy or girl so I didn't give her a headband. She had to lean back so we could see the lion! Could she be any cuter?

Loving the angel wings! So adorable!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Jocelyn's Dedication and Father's Day

Ok so this isn't the most flattering picture but we wanted to show that Jocelyn was dedicated to our church today! What does dedicating our baby to the church mean to us? It means that we have committed to raising Jocelyn in a Christian home and teaching her about Christian values! It means we will teach her that Jesus died for her sins and that hopefully one day she will except Him into her heart! After that, when she is old enough to understand what she is doing, she can also get baptized as well. So by "dedicating" her to the church, we are telling our friends and family and the church that we are committed to doing this!

We thank everyone who made it out for her dedication too! Thank you, Grandma E, Grandma and Grandpa Davis, Auntie Robin, Uncle Jeff and Nicolas, Auntie Jenn, Uncle David, and Madalyn, Great-Aunt Kristi and Caroline!

We have video that our Brother in law took that we will post later! It came out great! Jocelyn only fussed a bit up there so that was great!

After church we then switched our focus to Steve's first Father's Day. We went down to San Juan Capistrano to Sarducci's for brunch with Steve's family! It was a perfect day out there! Had a nice leisurely brunch.

Happy Father's Day, Stephen!
She was exhausted from the entire day and went to bed at 4pm!! She woke up for a bit at 6pm but wanted to go back to sleep! So off she went! Poor baby girl!

Friday, June 18, 2010

New Nephew and Bathtime

My 2nd nephew was born today at 12:20pm! Jack Ryan Gordon came into the world at 9lbs, 12oz and 20" long! My sister went into labor yesterday and was about 3cm's when she got to the hospital! She got an epidural and had a great night sleep! She did a great job pushing him out in just 2 minutes! Nurses told me she never complained once either! What a trooper!

Jack is just perfect! Looking a little bit like his sister when she was born + 2lbs. Definitely see his dad's mouth though! We are so happy to welcome him to our family!

Sadly, I had to steal this picture from Ryan and Kelly! I went to take picture's at the hospital and I had forgotten the memory card in my hurry! What a huge bummer. So instead I took picture's with Ryan's camera of Ryan with the baby! So I will have more photos of the "little" man later!

Afterwords I went to meet Steve and Jocelyn at his parents house. By the time we got home it was time for dinner and then a bath! We got some cute shots of her tonight so we wanted to post them!

Silly faces!
Daddy's favorite game!

Jocelyn's finally feeling better. She woke up with a fever today and I stayed home from work to be with her. She slept on me all morning and her fever finally broke at 11:30! What a different baby she was after that! So happy and giggling and playing! Which is why I felt OK to go see my sister have the baby! So I was only gone from her for 2 hrs!

Hopefully she has a good nights and is completely ready for our big weekend!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Unexpected Trip to the Doctors

Jocelyn went to the doctors today unexpectantly! Don't worry though, doctor said she is just fine! In fact she was pretty impressed with her pacifier skills!

It all started last Saturday when Jocelyn kinda threw up out of nowhere when we were at my moms. She kinda burped first though so it almost seemed like something she didn't know how to stop, versus being sick. This time she went right back to playing and seemed totally happy otherwise!

Come Monday she did the same thing again but at daycare. But again, only once. That night she did a bunch of big spit ups as well. Which is rare for her now that she is on Zantac! But after that nothing more. She was still super happy and playful and seemed uneffected!

Then Wednesday came. I went to get her out of the car for daycare and low and behold a HUGE blowout IN her carseat and all over her! Never seen that before! Lori (our daycare lady) told me to go on to work and that she would take care of it! I helped her a little and then she assured me she would be fine! Lori is the best!!! But I still felt so bad! Thankfully we give her lots of backup clothes just in case this happens!

So then I bring you to this morning! AGAIN! AGAIN she did another blow out IN her carseat ON the way to daycare! Oh My Gooodness I seriously wanted to cry!!!! Lori always washes everything including our carseat cover which always comes out looking great! So again she would have to do it all over today!

Which is what lead us to take her to the doctors today! I called the doctor and explained what was going on. Since she has the weight issues, they wanted to see her! However, the doctor said she is fine! Said she may of had a small virus and just getting over it now. She just told us to stop any fruits (except for bananas) and to just give her oatmeal, rice cereal, formula and breastmilk for now to get her "firm" again!

BUT the one GOOD thing about going to the doctors today is that we got to weight her again! Guess what!? She gain 7oz in 2 wks! Before this day she had only gained 9oz one month and 7oz the next! So 7oz in 2 wks is a record for her! Let's hope this "virus" doesn't set her back again! So her grand total today is now....***drum roll please***, 14lbs 1oz!!!! 7oz away from doubling her birthweight now! We are almost there!!!! (only 4+ months late-ha!)

No you don't need glasses (or maybe you do-but you don't need new ones), these pictures are blurry because they were taken with Stephen's iphone.

She is 8 1/2 months here! Our "big" girl!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bumper Fail

Jocelyn is now (most nights) sleeping 9 hours straight. Then she will wake up and I will breastfeed her and put her back down. Then she will sleep until around 5:45am (which is what time I get up so that works out pretty well). She just plays in her crib until I come get her now. Pretty nice routine lately that we could totally live with! But of course since I wrote it down, she will change it on us again!

So last night she woke up around 3am again. No biggie. I've actually come to love this time with her. She was fussing so I got her up and fed her. When I laid her back in her crib she was pretty hyper and seemed to just want to play. Fine, no issue for me! Play all you want, but I'm going back to bed! So off I went.

After a few minutes I checked the monitor to make sure she was OK! And all I see is a big mess of fabric flailing around! She'd gotten the bumper up over her head and was shaking it like crazy women! Apparently a victory wave of some sort! The back of our crib is solid so there is no way to tie the bumper to it.

This is the first time she has even noticed that she even had bumpers! So I nudged Steve and asked him to remove them all together so she didn't mess with them anymore. What a mistake!

As soon as he removed them she was hysterical! I came in picked her up and calmed her down again! I then laid her back down in her bumper-less crib! Yikes!!! She went into hysterics yet again!

At first I was going to let her "cry it out"...but it was a different cry...almost a scared cry! So I put the bumpers back into her crib and laid her back down!

She immediately flipped over to her tummy, turned her head and went to sleep! Ok then! Apparently no bumpers in her crib are scary! She is just too use to them now! Bumper's are here to stay then I guess!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Fun in the Sun!

Saturday we went to Dana's birthday weekend celebration in Newport Dunes. They got beachfront RV parking for the weekend! How fun is that?! It was overcast when we got their but the sun came out finally! We had a great time! Happy Birthday Dana!
This picture made me crack up! Take one of the group photo!
Take 2 is much better. Me, Jocelyn, Dana, Pam and Dylan
Taking in the sun! My favorite picture from the day!

Yummy baby food! I believe she does not like that hat!

She is going to give Daddy kisses....very slimy ones!
Playing together nicely!
Jocelyn claiming the toy! She finally got that hat off! How does she keep headbands on all day but takes the hat off?
Double duty!!! Dana had to use the restroom and they were both fussing, so I got them both! So fun!

Then we were off to my mom's house to take Jocelyn in the pool for the first time! Hard to tell if she was a fan or not. She just wanted me to hold her (imagine that) so she pretty much cried the whole time in the pool! Which was about 5 minutes. My mom's pool was heated so it wasn't like she was cold. But who knows! We will try again another time!

Ok all done! Daddy likes to give her pacifer back to her that way!
Drying off! Happy again apparently!
Beautiful Grandma E!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Just Because

So Jocelyn and I did a quick photo shoot tonight! We both needed to unwind from our busy days! So we took these picture's and then chilled out on the floor playing with her toys. But mostly rolling around on mommy! She loves to do that now!

Today Jocelyn went to iron chef at Steve's school! Steve wasn't a chef in the contest this year but wanted to check it out anyways. Jocelyn was in my tummy last year when we went to watch Steve compete!

Her new teething toy, pearls! Just kidding people, relax! :-)

My friend, Marivel gave Jocelyn this outfit! It's SO cute! It has a little black and white polka dot apron on the front. Then it has a woven sash that ties in the back! It's hard to tell here but it's adorable!! Thanks Marivel!!!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Charlotte's 1st Birthday

Charlotte's 1st birthday party was today! It was a Safari theme! I actually did her invites which I'll post over on my design blog. She had a great time and loved her first taste of sugar. She wasn't so sure about the cake at first but she got the idea pretty quick!

It was a SUPER hot day! We had to watch Jocelyn and had to leave when it was just too much for her! Poor baby girl!

Jocelyn has to get into the theme with her safari attire!
Maddy jumping in the Safari themed jumper!
Charlotte with her daddy, Dominic. I made her headband to match her dress. But later she was curious about what was on her head and broke it. Oh well, it will be an easy fix.

Jocelyn smiling at Charlotte's mommy, Shannon!
Jocelyn loves baby Ty!

Most of the kids. It was of course hard to get them all in the pix!
Jocelyn and Dylan hanging out!
Maddy and Jordan jumping!
Ty again! Such a sweetheart and so mello!
Jocelyn making herself comfy on the zebra pillow!
Happy girl. But you can see how red her cheeks got in the heat!

Trying to get a pix of Maddy and Jocelyn but they were both pretty done!