Saturday, June 12, 2010

Fun in the Sun!

Saturday we went to Dana's birthday weekend celebration in Newport Dunes. They got beachfront RV parking for the weekend! How fun is that?! It was overcast when we got their but the sun came out finally! We had a great time! Happy Birthday Dana!
This picture made me crack up! Take one of the group photo!
Take 2 is much better. Me, Jocelyn, Dana, Pam and Dylan
Taking in the sun! My favorite picture from the day!

Yummy baby food! I believe she does not like that hat!

She is going to give Daddy kisses....very slimy ones!
Playing together nicely!
Jocelyn claiming the toy! She finally got that hat off! How does she keep headbands on all day but takes the hat off?
Double duty!!! Dana had to use the restroom and they were both fussing, so I got them both! So fun!

Then we were off to my mom's house to take Jocelyn in the pool for the first time! Hard to tell if she was a fan or not. She just wanted me to hold her (imagine that) so she pretty much cried the whole time in the pool! Which was about 5 minutes. My mom's pool was heated so it wasn't like she was cold. But who knows! We will try again another time!

Ok all done! Daddy likes to give her pacifer back to her that way!
Drying off! Happy again apparently!
Beautiful Grandma E!!

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kelly and ryan said...

love the pics! so fun!