Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Pampers Dry Max

Unless you have a child in diapers, you probably haven't heard about the contraversary surrounding Pampers new Dry Max diapers!

I'd like to start by saying we loved (yes, past tense) Pampers diapers! They got us through the newborn stage that lasted very long for Jocelyn! They were even the "go to" diaper by CHOC hospital when Jocelyn stayed there for a week! We trusted them! But they have since betrayed our trust!

After Jocelyn finally moved up to size 1-2 diapers we bought a box of Kirkland brand from Costco. They didn't feel or smell like Pampers. They were still pretty big around Jocelyn's legs so, back to Pamper's we went.

We bought 3 bags that were on sale at Target about 3 weeks ago now. I noticed the new packaging but thought nothing of it! I even noticed the "dry max" on the packaging and it reminded me of the new commerical I saw for it, but still really thought nothing of it!

We used the diapers for about 2 days when I noticed Jocelyn had a diaper rash! She never really had one before. She had a few before but diaper cream cleared it within hours! So I slapped some more cream on and we went about our day!

But it didn't work this time.

I put more and more on and I talked to her daycare lady about it. We talked about other brands of diaper cream and said we would keep trying! By Friday night she almost had little circle burns on her bottom! That was super alarming to me! I again put tons of cream on her and tried to make her comfortable! That night, I was talking to some friends and they told me about the new "dry max" brand of Pampers being in the news! They said that it had started to burn babies bottoms! SAY WHAT? My heart sank! I immediately changed Jocelyn into the kirkland brand. Within less than a DAY the diaper rash was GONE! Nothing, not a mark on her! She hasn't had an issue since the day we stopped using the "Dry Max" Pampers!

So of course then my thoughts went to this company! How dare they hurt MY baby!!!! I researched a ton online and found all these statements that Pampers had released. They basically said (in so many words) that us moms were just afraid of a new product! Excuse me? How insulting can you be!? No ownership? Not even, "we will look into it!?" They also said that only a few people out of 1 million diapers sold got complaints! Oh really? Well let me try and increase that for you! So off I went to complain! I sent about 20 emails! I know that is pretty small in the scheme of things but every bit has to help right?!

So after my 20 email complaints I sort of forgot about it! We moved on to Huggies (because Kirkland 1-2 are too short for Jocelyn now and 3-4's are too big) size 2's now!

So in the mail yesterday I got a BIG package from P&G! Hmmm what could THIS be!? Yep, a big questionare to fill out by Pampers. Asking me to fill about about 10+ questions from "Has your baby started new medication" to "have you ever used other diapers". They also wanted to know if my baby saw a doctor. If so, they want the doctor to fill out a questionare! They even want what is left of my product back! Where is the money for the product? I want THAT back!!

Of course I'm filling it out. But I feel sort of like I'm being set up! As if they are looking for something to blame it on! Like, "Oh well you had her on Zantac so it could have been that!". I just feel weird about the whole thing! But it's not right and something should be done! Make your product better, fix the problem! But don't blame the parents! We have enough on our plates!

To be continued.... :-)

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