Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bumper Fail

Jocelyn is now (most nights) sleeping 9 hours straight. Then she will wake up and I will breastfeed her and put her back down. Then she will sleep until around 5:45am (which is what time I get up so that works out pretty well). She just plays in her crib until I come get her now. Pretty nice routine lately that we could totally live with! But of course since I wrote it down, she will change it on us again!

So last night she woke up around 3am again. No biggie. I've actually come to love this time with her. She was fussing so I got her up and fed her. When I laid her back in her crib she was pretty hyper and seemed to just want to play. Fine, no issue for me! Play all you want, but I'm going back to bed! So off I went.

After a few minutes I checked the monitor to make sure she was OK! And all I see is a big mess of fabric flailing around! She'd gotten the bumper up over her head and was shaking it like crazy women! Apparently a victory wave of some sort! The back of our crib is solid so there is no way to tie the bumper to it.

This is the first time she has even noticed that she even had bumpers! So I nudged Steve and asked him to remove them all together so she didn't mess with them anymore. What a mistake!

As soon as he removed them she was hysterical! I came in picked her up and calmed her down again! I then laid her back down in her bumper-less crib! Yikes!!! She went into hysterics yet again!

At first I was going to let her "cry it out"...but it was a different cry...almost a scared cry! So I put the bumpers back into her crib and laid her back down!

She immediately flipped over to her tummy, turned her head and went to sleep! Ok then! Apparently no bumpers in her crib are scary! She is just too use to them now! Bumper's are here to stay then I guess!

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Grandma Eck said...

How funny. Guess she feels secure with the bumper pads in.