Friday, June 18, 2010

New Nephew and Bathtime

My 2nd nephew was born today at 12:20pm! Jack Ryan Gordon came into the world at 9lbs, 12oz and 20" long! My sister went into labor yesterday and was about 3cm's when she got to the hospital! She got an epidural and had a great night sleep! She did a great job pushing him out in just 2 minutes! Nurses told me she never complained once either! What a trooper!

Jack is just perfect! Looking a little bit like his sister when she was born + 2lbs. Definitely see his dad's mouth though! We are so happy to welcome him to our family!

Sadly, I had to steal this picture from Ryan and Kelly! I went to take picture's at the hospital and I had forgotten the memory card in my hurry! What a huge bummer. So instead I took picture's with Ryan's camera of Ryan with the baby! So I will have more photos of the "little" man later!

Afterwords I went to meet Steve and Jocelyn at his parents house. By the time we got home it was time for dinner and then a bath! We got some cute shots of her tonight so we wanted to post them!

Silly faces!
Daddy's favorite game!

Jocelyn's finally feeling better. She woke up with a fever today and I stayed home from work to be with her. She slept on me all morning and her fever finally broke at 11:30! What a different baby she was after that! So happy and giggling and playing! Which is why I felt OK to go see my sister have the baby! So I was only gone from her for 2 hrs!

Hopefully she has a good nights and is completely ready for our big weekend!

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