Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Just Because

So Jocelyn and I did a quick photo shoot tonight! We both needed to unwind from our busy days! So we took these picture's and then chilled out on the floor playing with her toys. But mostly rolling around on mommy! She loves to do that now!

Today Jocelyn went to iron chef at Steve's school! Steve wasn't a chef in the contest this year but wanted to check it out anyways. Jocelyn was in my tummy last year when we went to watch Steve compete!

Her new teething toy, pearls! Just kidding people, relax! :-)

My friend, Marivel gave Jocelyn this outfit! It's SO cute! It has a little black and white polka dot apron on the front. Then it has a woven sash that ties in the back! It's hard to tell here but it's adorable!! Thanks Marivel!!!

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