Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Adding my friends link! My friend, Marivel has her own clothing line. She has since started doing baby clothes as well. She asked if Steve and I would be OK with Jocelyn modeling for her since she didn't know any other babies currently that could help her out. She gave me some clothes and I took picture's of her in them this past weekend! Jocelyn get's paid in bibs and onsies! Can't beat that!

I think they came out really cute! Once her website it up, I will post the link! She is going to feature my headbands on her site too! Woohoo!

This one could be a for a boy or girl so I didn't give her a headband. She had to lean back so we could see the lion! Could she be any cuter?

Loving the angel wings! So adorable!

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