Sunday, June 20, 2010

Jocelyn's Dedication and Father's Day

Ok so this isn't the most flattering picture but we wanted to show that Jocelyn was dedicated to our church today! What does dedicating our baby to the church mean to us? It means that we have committed to raising Jocelyn in a Christian home and teaching her about Christian values! It means we will teach her that Jesus died for her sins and that hopefully one day she will except Him into her heart! After that, when she is old enough to understand what she is doing, she can also get baptized as well. So by "dedicating" her to the church, we are telling our friends and family and the church that we are committed to doing this!

We thank everyone who made it out for her dedication too! Thank you, Grandma E, Grandma and Grandpa Davis, Auntie Robin, Uncle Jeff and Nicolas, Auntie Jenn, Uncle David, and Madalyn, Great-Aunt Kristi and Caroline!

We have video that our Brother in law took that we will post later! It came out great! Jocelyn only fussed a bit up there so that was great!

After church we then switched our focus to Steve's first Father's Day. We went down to San Juan Capistrano to Sarducci's for brunch with Steve's family! It was a perfect day out there! Had a nice leisurely brunch.

Happy Father's Day, Stephen!
She was exhausted from the entire day and went to bed at 4pm!! She woke up for a bit at 6pm but wanted to go back to sleep! So off she went! Poor baby girl!


Auntie Pretty Kat said...

She is too cute...I LOVE this dress/headband combo!! Sooooo PURTY :) Happy Father's Day Steve!!

kelly and ryan said...

ahhhhhhh congrats family! i am soooooo sad we weren't there. we were thinking about you all day!