Thursday, June 17, 2010

Unexpected Trip to the Doctors

Jocelyn went to the doctors today unexpectantly! Don't worry though, doctor said she is just fine! In fact she was pretty impressed with her pacifier skills!

It all started last Saturday when Jocelyn kinda threw up out of nowhere when we were at my moms. She kinda burped first though so it almost seemed like something she didn't know how to stop, versus being sick. This time she went right back to playing and seemed totally happy otherwise!

Come Monday she did the same thing again but at daycare. But again, only once. That night she did a bunch of big spit ups as well. Which is rare for her now that she is on Zantac! But after that nothing more. She was still super happy and playful and seemed uneffected!

Then Wednesday came. I went to get her out of the car for daycare and low and behold a HUGE blowout IN her carseat and all over her! Never seen that before! Lori (our daycare lady) told me to go on to work and that she would take care of it! I helped her a little and then she assured me she would be fine! Lori is the best!!! But I still felt so bad! Thankfully we give her lots of backup clothes just in case this happens!

So then I bring you to this morning! AGAIN! AGAIN she did another blow out IN her carseat ON the way to daycare! Oh My Gooodness I seriously wanted to cry!!!! Lori always washes everything including our carseat cover which always comes out looking great! So again she would have to do it all over today!

Which is what lead us to take her to the doctors today! I called the doctor and explained what was going on. Since she has the weight issues, they wanted to see her! However, the doctor said she is fine! Said she may of had a small virus and just getting over it now. She just told us to stop any fruits (except for bananas) and to just give her oatmeal, rice cereal, formula and breastmilk for now to get her "firm" again!

BUT the one GOOD thing about going to the doctors today is that we got to weight her again! Guess what!? She gain 7oz in 2 wks! Before this day she had only gained 9oz one month and 7oz the next! So 7oz in 2 wks is a record for her! Let's hope this "virus" doesn't set her back again! So her grand total today is now....***drum roll please***, 14lbs 1oz!!!! 7oz away from doubling her birthweight now! We are almost there!!!! (only 4+ months late-ha!)

No you don't need glasses (or maybe you do-but you don't need new ones), these pictures are blurry because they were taken with Stephen's iphone.

She is 8 1/2 months here! Our "big" girl!

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