Sunday, June 6, 2010

Charlotte's 1st Birthday

Charlotte's 1st birthday party was today! It was a Safari theme! I actually did her invites which I'll post over on my design blog. She had a great time and loved her first taste of sugar. She wasn't so sure about the cake at first but she got the idea pretty quick!

It was a SUPER hot day! We had to watch Jocelyn and had to leave when it was just too much for her! Poor baby girl!

Jocelyn has to get into the theme with her safari attire!
Maddy jumping in the Safari themed jumper!
Charlotte with her daddy, Dominic. I made her headband to match her dress. But later she was curious about what was on her head and broke it. Oh well, it will be an easy fix.

Jocelyn smiling at Charlotte's mommy, Shannon!
Jocelyn loves baby Ty!

Most of the kids. It was of course hard to get them all in the pix!
Jocelyn and Dylan hanging out!
Maddy and Jordan jumping!
Ty again! Such a sweetheart and so mello!
Jocelyn making herself comfy on the zebra pillow!
Happy girl. But you can see how red her cheeks got in the heat!

Trying to get a pix of Maddy and Jocelyn but they were both pretty done!

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