Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pumpkin Patch

 We went to a local pumpkin patch today that has carnival rides! Jocelyn is finally big enough to go on them and some by herself as well! She loved it so much and cried when we left!

Disneyland Halloween 2012

 This was our 1st year going to Disneyland Halloween trick or treating this year! It was a gift from my sister to this kids for their birthdays!

Jocelyn was Cinderella and Casen was Tigger (same costumes they will be on actual Halloween too).
 We decided to try two small strollers instead of our double stroller. Although we saw several people with that same stroller. It's just way too much getting on a tram with two kids and a huge stroller. I would so rather have two small ones!
 Getting on the tram!

 All ready to go in!
 When we got in around 5pm there was already a parade in place! We got there right in time to see all the princesses go by! Mommy didn't expect it but I totally teared up watching Jocelyn see those princesses at Disneyland! It's only her 2nd time here and she really got it this time!

There is always something magical about Disneyland but something even better about watching your own daughter realize it too!

 Casen loved the ducks of course!
 We met my sister at Toon Town along with another one of our friends Jen and her family! It was chaos with 6 kids (2 at home with babysitters) and 6 adults. So we would break off and meet back up several times since our kids were running in all different directions!

 Then we went to see the Castle! We walked around the corner and in the dark was Cinderella herself! We couldn't believe it! We stood in a surprisingly short line (i think there was 5 people) and she came over to Jocelyn, talked about how pretty her necklace was and gave her a hug. Then we got to take a photo with her! I think it was just too dark for most people to realize what was going on!
 It was for sure the highlight of the night! Steve and I were so excited for Jocelyn!

 Pretty good photo considering we only had the iphone and it was pitch dark right there!

 Then after getting some candy we met back up with Kelly, Jen and families! A dance party broke out for sure after Uncle Ryan bought all the kids light up necklaces!
 Then we went on Winnie the Pooh ride which Casen loved! It dumped us out to the super awesome gift and bakery shop where we picked up some treats!

We watched one more parade at 8:30 and then Casen was beyond done! They both stayed up until 9pm but Casen was asleep before we left the parking structure! Jocelyn talked the whole way home and only fell asleep about 5 minutes before we got home!

The kids were exhausted Sat and we kept it super mello! A super fun night!!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Halloween Decorating!

 Instead of pumpkin "carving" we did decorating! The kids are all too young to carve anything so glitter, glue and paint was their weapon today!

 Casen sat at the table with all the other kids! He liked the glue! Don't worry it wasn't open!

 Drew hung out with us too!

 Jocelyn did this was as well as about 5 others pumpkins!

 This was Casen's pumpkin! I love that he did that all by himself!

 Paint everywhere!
 Then we decorated cupcakes!

 What a fun night! look at all the decorated colorful pumpkins!