Thursday, October 11, 2012

Braggin About the Hubby!

Steve was recognized by Thank a Teacher Thursday on the USC Masters of the Arts Teching Blog.

They started by saying:
It’s always Teacher Appreciation Day here on Thursdays and today we’ve decided to feature a group of teachers and educators who we’ve seen grow their PLN via multiple forms of social media, including Twitter’s #edchat, their dynamic blogs, and their ability to interact with educators for PD! We’ll continue to spotlight a handful of individuals for Thank a Teacher Thursdays (#ThankaTeacher), who not only make a contribution to the classroom, but to the greater online teacher community. Feel free to read their blogs, follow them on twitter, and if you know a teacher or educator that deserves to be recognized – tell us in the comments section! We’d love to hear from you!

Then they listed the 7 teachers they picked for today!
Steve's write up is the 5th teacher now (the eye photo).

This is what they wrote on him:
Stephen Davis has been teaching at the middle school level for fourteen years and describes his experiences teaching as a roller coaster of emotions with many ups and downs, and even some flips! He has a Master’s degree in Middle Level Education and is the originator of the #midleved hashtag on Twitter. Stephan is also the co-cordinator of Edcamp OCLA, has presented at the California League of Schools, International Reform Symposium, CUE Tech Fest, the TELL Conference, and at his own school school. To keep up with Stephen, check out his blog and follow him on Twitter @rushtheiceberg!

See full link below:

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