Thursday, October 4, 2012

More Birthday Fun for Jocelyn

 On the morning of Jocelyn's birthday Steve and I blew up balloons (the night before of course) and put them in her room! She loved it and jumped right out of bed to play! That was a first since waking up is not so easy for her normally!

 She will barely eat in the mornings so we usually give her toast. She eats a big breakfast at daycare so we know she gets a good breakfast. So she usually only asks for toast in the mornings. But on her birthday I put rainbow sprinkles on it! Big hit of course!
 I made her a "Birthday Princess" shirt that had jewels on it! We paired it with a party hat and tutu skirt!
Then Daddy surprised her at daycare and brought her flowers and cupcakes to share with her friends!

After mommy got home we all went to dinner at Red Robin where she was still wearing her birthday hat! Everyone kept stopping to tell her "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" It's so fun when they actually KNOW it's their birthday!
Happy 3rd Birthday Jocelyn!!!!!!

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