Friday, October 12, 2012

Fire Station

 Last weekend was Open House at our Fire Station. They just re-did it so it was a great time to see the new remodel! Jocelyn loves fire trucks and always wants to go up in them.....until of course she is directly in front of one and then she tends to get a little shy. But this time she was much more into as long as "it didn't move!" as she kept telling us!

 She even climbed all the way to the back of the huge fire truck with the big latter!

 One of the fire fighters offered to take our photo!
 The whole time kids were running around with fire hats. But they ran out and Jocelyn didn't get one. They said that new hats were coming but I wasn't sure. But right before we were about to leave the box arrived. Jocelyn spotted it from across the room! She tends to be shy but she was not at all when that boxed opened! She booked it over there and took a hat from the fireman!

So proud! She got a sticker too!!!!

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