Sunday, November 28, 2010


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Thursday, November 25, 2010


So we had to take a before tummy shot. Before all the turkey and stuffing of course! But then Jocelyn was WAY over it to take an after tummy shot. Oh well-maybe next year!

We had such a great time at my sisters for Thanksgiving this year. Jocelyn got to participate in a tradition that my family has done for years! We have a family recipe that we have used to make homemade cookies with! My sister loved doing this when we were little. I remember this so well! My mom has continued the tradition every Christmas season even as we grew up! Our cookies always tasted the best!

So today during our Thanksgiving celebration, we rolled out the cookie dough and let the girls go crazy! It's amazing how Jocelyn knew to eat the dough right away! We then baked them up fast and had the Emma and Jocelyn decorate them with icing and sprinkles! I think the icing was a big hit! I'm so glad Jocelyn has gotten to do this tradition already! I hope to repeat it every year with her and her cousin Emma and Auntie Kelly!
The girls LOVED play "I'm gonna get you!" in the hallway!!!
Kelly and Jack together!
Emma showing Jocelyn how to stand on the balcony! Yikes!!!
Emma showing Jocelyn that stickers aren't as scary as she thinks! No idea why, but Jocelyn is scared to have stickers on her hand-she shakes and cries when we put them on her. So we put them on papers instead! She likes that much better!
Jocelyn thinks Jack is hysterical! She loved showing him new toys!
The girls on their daddy's shoulders!!! So fun!
The Gordon family picture!
The Davis Family picture! Super hard to get this time!
Upside down Emma!!

Sweet Baby Jack getting kisses from Grandma E!
Let the cookie cutting begin!
Nom, Nom, Nom!
"Grandma has some too!"
So fun and so messy!
3 generations of girls!

Time for the icing!

MESSY FACE and hyper girls! What a blast! Loved playing all day even on only a 30 minute nap! Which is why Jocelyn was in bed by 6pm! She was exhausted! What a great 2010 Thanksgiving!!! So much to be thankful for!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Friend Thanksgiving Feast

We went to our friends Allison and Brandon's house (parents of Tyler and Ava) for their annual Thanksgiving feast this year. It's the first year we were actually able to make it! Also the year that everyone decided not to cook and order a big Thanksgiving meal from Boston Market! That worked for us! It was really yummy!

I only have one picture uploaded from this night. But I thought it told the story much better than any other picture could! This is the kids table! Love the age difference! Ava and Jocelyn got their own mini tables! Brody wasn't in the picture because he came later! Tyler, Maddy and Jordan are all very close in age (3 and 4yo's old) and Ava and Jocelyn are two months apart! The kids loved it and had a yummy first thanksgiving feast of the year while the moms and dads got to have a little quick conversation before the kids were done!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

1st Trip to the Library

We took Jocelyn to her first Library in Cerritos. If you haven't been to this one it's a really good one for kids. The kids room is right near the front door so if your child is partially talkative that day, you don't have to "shush" them all through the library!

There is also a giant wall aquarium that is full of fish and one shark! Jocelyn's new favorite animal is a "DOG" so she was pointing at every fish saying, "dog"! Despite us telling her they were fish! Oh well, she will get it someday! Ha! The older kids were looking at her like she was crazy!

The wall on the other side is in the children's room!
They have tons of things to touch including the globe! Jocelyn had just hit the globe and said, "Whoooaaa" her other favorite thing to say!
They have this super cool tree in there too!

and Dinosaurs!!
a little computer time!
Outside they have a few fountains actually! This one was the most parent friendly! The only one is one of those fountains kids can walk right up to with the water spouting up from the ground. So beware of that one if you don't want your child getting soaked that day! It is off to the side so it is avoidable when you walk in!

Jocelyn would have jumped right in if we let her! She had a blast!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Just some picture's from this weekend!

My mom had Jack this weekend while Kelly and Ryan went on fun baby free vacation! Emma went to her other Grandma's! Jack is all smiles these days! He was so much fun! Jocelyn tried several times to hand him a ball or toy! She didn't understand why he couldn't play!